Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of meeting April 8, 2020
Convene via Zoom at +/- 7:15 a.m.
24 bright faces on the screens, some with better hair than others
This week's scribe:    Jim Maxwell
Next week's scribe:    Jen Moyse – Jen will be working, needs a sub – please email her at or president Jim V at

This Day In History



The U.S. House of Representatives holds its first meeting.


The Works Progress Administration (WPA) is approved by Congress.



President Truman orders the seizure of U.S. steel mills to prevent a strike.


Hank Aaron hits his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth's record.


Frank Robinson of the Cleveland Indians becomes first black manager of a major league baseball team.
Rotary Minute
At the first Rotary Convention in 1910, keynote speaker Daniel Cady of the Rotary Club of New York told the audience that Rotary, then with 16 clubs, would have 1,000 clubs around the world within 80 years. When would Rotary add it’s 1,000th club? The 1,000th Rotary Club was added in 1921, only 11 years after Cady’s speech.
Our former member Shawna Parker, appearing from her Vermont home, working in Boston and member of Rotary in Cambridge.
Sadie: correction to emails on Overflow service:  Food should be delivered to the bench outside the door at Quality Inn by 6 pm on
Tristam:           Rotary International's funding approach to the covid-19 pandemic allows use of  GG's as well as Disaster Response Funds. The GG funding base threshold is $30K, so can increase beyond that. The Disaster Response fund is set at $25K per district application and they allow only one app per district per rotary year.  Tme and effort spent on scholarships right now is short sighted and useless relative to the larger far more critical needs related to covid-19. I think we as a club should look at urging everyone who can to make a $25.00 contribution to the Foundation, Disaster Response fund. These funds will be turned around as fast as apps come in to meet this global crisis. edical professionals need support, support they are not getting form the Feds. I urge the tabling of all efforts related to scholarships and turn all that to the funding needs for this global crisis.
Deb R.:            Asking for volunteers for socially distant gardening at the Rotary this Saturday (11th)  Agway for mulch but $50 delivery charge, so other options for picking that up?  We manage 3 islands now, Main Street, in front of the church, and the one at Chapin Street in front of the Trust Company of Vermont.  That one, however, is going to be excavated by the town for water pipe.
Josh T.:            Can we leave the call open for 5 to 10 minutes after meeting to give us a chance to chat, stay connected.  Josh G. says that can be done, he can make someone else the host if he has to leave the meeting
Cindy:             Camp for a Common Cause has had to cancel, but we can still participate and support the cause.  Cindy will be camping in her back yard to raise funds.  We can participate on a bigger scale.  Josh T urges a Rotary team this year just as in the past. 
Student Rotarians
Audrey                        Email homework due Friday.  Adjustments to online school but some innovations such as E-sports.  A "spirit week" photo (? – sorry, I didn't take a complete note on this.) Important to get out into nature
Maggie            Two AP courses on line, tests very different but teachers are great. 
Jim M.             Charlotte's online nursing oral exam and invite from faculty for her to be a                                     teaching assistant next year
Kevin              Daughter an RN in Burlington working toward bachelor's, is a candidate for a                               BSN-RN nursing degree
Josh T              President Jim's great job coaching/helping small businesses through the crisis
                        Daughter Ayla dug fire pit and accomplished a one-match fire for cooking dinner
Stacy               brag for Jenn Moyse and asks how it's going at BMH
Jenn M                        Reports on the status, "all right" – folks can go to BMH website for covid-19                                 update:  # of tests, # of positives. Currently 3 positives at BMH, 1 discharged to                            home  
                        We've been lucky to have time to prepare; administration has done good job
                        Extra training on ventilators.  Reports on number of beds for covid-19, negative                            pressure treatment rooms/beds
                        Jenn accepted to UMASS and Simmons nurse practitioner programs, has chosen                            Simmons
Deb R              Daughter Ava has been ill and self-quarantined for 8 days. Though tested negative                        it may be a false negative.  Situation very distressing but Ava continuing Hilltop                               classes.  Ava's sister is fine.
                        All send prayers and good wishes for Ava's recovery.
Nick                Deb R as parent, Ava as sick child:  "brings it all home" –
                        At work, a new staff member and things more streamlined, with special effort to                           reach out to elderly clients.  Partnering with office in Bellows Falls to put
                        together gift boxes, food and other essential items, to drop at homes of elderly.                             Nick is proud of the teamwork.
Justin               Friend's daughter tested positive, Mona Holsinger. She is writing "Notes From the                         Covid Household" on her Facebook site, check it out
Jim V               Brags for Kevin who has put the call out for interviews on WKVT, how                                         businesses are doing, getting the word out for business owners – how
                        various businesses are impacted, how they are dealing with the situation
                        Erin O'Keefe's walking group every day 4 pm
Tristam            Our district applied for 25K disaster relief grant for food banks for VT & NH
Kevn               KVT interviews --  you can find them on KVT web page & Facebook, different                            perspectives – restaurants, retail, legal – all sorts of businesses & services – how                             they are doing, what they are offering, how they are coping
Encourage use of and, profiles of businesses, hours and so forth.  If you want to get a message out, these are free resources
Kevin pleased and proud that his radio group is supporting and facilitating communication from to and about business/services, to keep things going
People spending time with radio these days, and radio is in the business of communication.
Will                 Two offspring in Brooklyn, sheltering at home, hanging in there.  Justine's wedding, which was on for May 30 is now off perhaps until the Fall.  The B&B at his place is shut down.  Tina was teaching part time in classroom but now finds herself teaching virtually.  A topic for her to speak to us about.
Adjurn circa 8:05; some folks stay online for post-meeting chat.
Submitted by Jim M.