February 26 Rotary Meeting
Greeter – Turner and Deb Cox
Volunteer for next week Greeter – Mona
Scribe & Speaker
This week scribe – Diane (sitting in for KJ)
Next week scribe –Tristam
This week Speaker – Jim V. – Inner Fire - Beatrice
Next week Speaker – Kevin Yager
Quote of the Day
Rotary Minute
Rotary Clubs in Vermont and New Hampshire Help Australian Bushfire Relief Effort; 60 Clubs of district 7870 donated 25,000
Aaron Smith – Burton Car wash
Beatrice Birch – speaker: Inner Fire
Rotary Anniversaries - none
Birthdays Dan Dietz
Tristam – trip to Guatemala (visited local Rotary – returned with banner)
Cindy – 3 on 3 March 21st; sign-ups going around; target 100% participation
Toni – 3 on 3 on Facebook – please share; get the word out
Jon – 3 on 3 need to follow up on donation list
Mona – Overflow shelter this Thursday 3/27 (30 people); still need donations toward meal
Diane – Trivia Night March 16th for Kids in Coats
Justin – 80’s dance on Saturday 3/29 here at the Legion; event is on Facebook
Student Rotarians
Hinsdale – Varsity girls’ basketball made playoffs; basketball season ending; college applications in/acceptance letters coming
$18 – 4 of spades – in the deck – you lose, losers!
Marcy – Rowan is now a teenager
Jim M – visiting CA to see his actor friends; Joshua Tree National Park
Jon – State championships; Alina came in 35th; BUHS girls came in 5th; saw holocaust survivor speaker Elly Gotz; amazing stories; message “don’t hate”.
Justin – 80’s dance; $10 to get in; Facebook post viewed by many
Dan – Survived being sick in Azores (and beyond…)
Guest Speaker
Beatrice Birch of Inner Fire – Healing community for recovery from trauma that led to addition and mental health issues; treatment without psychotropic medication.  Focus on working in nature, gardening, and farming as well as artistic, cooking, and cleaning as healing therapeutic activities. The program has helped over 30 people reclaim their lives over the past 6 years: www.innerfire.us
4 Way Test
  1. Is it the truth
  2. Is it fair to all concerned
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships
  4. Is it beneficial to all concerned