Members absent: Debbie Cox, Nick DuBois, Lisa Fitzgerald, Josh Goldberg, Rich Hoppe, Bethany Martin, Jen Moyse, Erin Maile O’Keefe, Michelle Pong, Sandy Shriver, Christine Takacs, Tristan Toledo, and Josh Unruh.
This Day In History
Tom Thumb, the first locomotive built in the United States, loses a nine-mile race in Maryland to a horse.
Patty Hearst is kidnapped by violent radical group SLA; she later takes part in some of the group's militant activities and is captured by FBI agents.
The US television soap opera The Guiding Light broadcasts its final episode, ending a 72-year run that began on radio.
Rotary Minute
September is Youth Activities Month. Rotary clubs of the world give special emphasis to the many Rotary-sponsored programs which serve children and young people. During this month, many clubs give increased attention to youth exchange activities.
Anniversaries & Birthdays
No anniversaries.
One birthday: Booie Fagelson on September 17.
Many thanks to today’s greeters Diane and Turner.
Next week our greeter will be Chris Stoner. Jen Moyse will host our speaker.
This week’s scribe was Valerie Stuart. Next week’s scribe will be Christine Takacs.
Next week’s speaker host will be Jen Moyse.
Today’s guests: Ayla Traeger and Kirsten Beske.

Josh Traeger said the bike team for the Whitingham Food Drive is coming along. Their goal is to raise $500 for the Whitingham Food Drive. The ride will take place on the morning of September 28th.
Disk Golf will take place on Sunday October 13 from 12-5pm. Josh Goldberg is organizing the event.
Mona and Sadie are spearheading meals for the Shelter this fall at the Winston Prouty Center. They will send around sign up sheets at an upcoming meeting.
Queen of Spades was pulled. No one won
Sadie bragged for “The Time of Your Life,” which is playing this Thursday, Friday, Saturday at the Actors Playhouse in Chesterfield, NH. She is a member of the cast and invited anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to attend.
KJ bragged for the Rescue Inc Adventure Race, which will feature an obstacle race and family fun course. The event will occur at Jamaica State Park on October 19th. He also pitched the raffle tickets he is selling to raise money for Rescue.
Cindy bragged for the marriage of her son to a wonderful woman and to her son’s conversion to Judaism.
Josh Traeger bragged for Trivia Night this past Monday night, which all who attended agreed was a lot of fun.
Katja bragged about her trip to Italy to visit organic and small family wine producers. She said it was a very inspiring trip. Unfortunately, Air Lingus lost her luggage for 9 days. The upside of that calamity was she was forced to go on an impromptu clothes shopping spree.  Katja noted that she and her husband recently celebrated their 1-8 anniversary. She also thanked KJ and Diane for a really fun Trivia Night.
Dan also bragged for Trivia Night, and highlighted that his team of three placed third.
Kevin spoke about the recent Game Show night at the Latchis Theater. He said they had software, a game board, and buzzers that made it seem like a real TV game show. Six teams competed throughout the night. Between 75 - 100 people attended the fundraiser for the Windham County Safe Kids Advocacy Fun. The event was such a success, they are thinking about hosting another one this winter.
Tristam bragged for his daughter who pulled off a spectacular surprise 60th birthday party for his wife Wendy. What Wendy thought was a biking weekend on Cape Cod turned into a wonderful couple of days celebrating her birthday with family and friends.
The Speakers today spoke about the “3 on 3” tournament.
Toni and Kevin lined volunteers to help with “3 on 3.”
Tom Franks volunteered to contact Chris Sawyer at BUHS to ask for use of the gym for the tournament on March 21st with a back up date of October 14th.
Diane and K.J. will send out donation letters for the event. The letters need to be mailed by December 15th.
Jon will continue to collect the mail and record donations as they come in.
Major sponsors and donors for the event need to be lined up by January 15th.
Toni will be responsible for getting the posters with sponsors, etc. printed at Howard Printing.
Registration letters will be sent out by Turner after major donors are lined up.
Toni will handle the event T-Shirts.
Cindy and Mona will handle the concession stands for the day of the event.
Kevin will contact Pepsi for their donation.
Kevin will obtain tables and chairs for the day of the event.
Tournament day needs don’t need to be filled until December.
The following positions and/or duties will need to be assigned:
Tournament Day Coordinator
Court Monitors
Someone to help with balls
Free Throw Leader – Potentially Josh Unruh
Equipment Coordinator
Clean Up