Posted by Michael Kindopp
Quote of the Day: President Marcy chose the following words of wisdom:
“Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers.”
 ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
Today in history:
1776: British arrive on Long Island with 24,000 men
1864: International Red Cross was born
Introductions: Olivia Howe who is one of our scholarship recipients & future Brown University student; ADG Sherriff Keith Clark of the Bellows Falls club
Rotary Minute: 4 Way Test – We are challenged to incorporate and live the test – Olivia can enlighten us on how she used the 4 Way Test in her scholarship application
Mini-Rotarians: none in the house today
  • KJ greeted members as they arrived J
  • Jim V.
Student Rotarian report:
  • None – it’s summer!!
Committee Reports:
  • None today
  • Jim M. reminded us that our 9/5/18 meeting will be at the Brattleboro Music Center
  • Mona reminded us that our exchange student Lucy arrives on Friday
  • We have a thank you from St. Brigid’s Kitchen for our donation of food
Bowl of Life: 
  • This Rotarian’s Grandmother was the House Mother of Syliva Black @ Smith College
    • Cynthia guessed Katja who guessed Christine who guessed Sandy S who correctly guessed Will Shakespeare
  • Jack of Spades was drawn by Jason P - with Olivia Howe winning - $9!!!!
  • Katja was serenely serenaded by our stellar barber shoppers!
  • None today
  • Cindy bragged for Erin O’Keefe & her work on the Pergola project – her organization is phenomenal
  • Katja – bragged for Ed for the VIP escort in during the rain with an umbrella
  • Tom bragged for the Guardian ad Lidem program & the critical work that they do
  • Jon bragged for a spontaneous bike vacation last week on Maine coast – ended with a 60 mile unplanned bike ride back to their car – 52 miles on a flat tire!!!
  • Josh T bragged for a bike trip without a flat tire!
  • Debbie C. bragged for the Backpack program & for relief of her sciatic pain that she had all weekend
  • Kevin started by fining everyone not wearing a Rotary pin this AM; He went on to brag $3 – a dollar for friendship & every decade he knew his good friend Ben Underhill who lost his battle with cancer but never lost his sense of humor
  • Bethany bragged $5 – she’s returning to school so won’t be here regularly for a while; she also bragged for the American Legion Band as they are competing in Minneapolis
Guest Speaker:  Olivia Howe Guest Speaker today
  • She was introduced by President Marcy
    • Studying French, German & Arabic at Brown this fall
    • Wants to work as a translator
    • She read us the Essay that she wrote for her application for our scholarship that was tied into the 4 Way test
      • Her essay eloquently discussed the issue of gun violence & the rallies & divergent viewpoints presented by students on both sides of the issue.
    • There was a discussion among the members present about what Rotary is & what we value about our Club & Rotary at large.
ADG Keith Clark spoke to us about the district & his job to help connect us to the resources available to us in 7870. He has been a member since 2004. He appreciates the energy that every club has & how every club runs differently. He’s on his 3rd term as Windham County Sherriff & is running unopposed. He’s had enough write in votes to be included both the Republican & Democratic tickets even though he’s officially a Democrat. Married to another Rotarian for 34 years with 4 grandchildren! He indicated that he’ll be stopping in every couple of months to visit our club.
Adjourn with a recitation of the 4 Way Test!
Respectfully Submitted,
Damon Kindopp