9/5/18 Sunrise Rotary Meeting Minutes


President Marcy rings the bell. 


Quote of the Day:

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”

~George Bernard Shaw


Today in History:

On this day in 1774, in response to the British Parliament’s enactment of the Coercive Acts in the American colonies, the first session of the Continental Congress convenes at Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia.  Fifty-six delegates from all of the colonies except Georgia drafted a declaration of rights and grievances and elected Virginian Peyton Randolph as the first president of Congress.  


On this day in 1836, Sam Houston is elected as president of the Republic of Texas, which earned its independence from Mexico in a successful military rebellion.  



Toni introduced our youth exchange student Lucy from Croatia.  Make sure you introduce yourselves, and – if you have any fun things to do - let Toni know, so that Lucy doesn’t become too bored.

Introducing the lovely Shoshana – daughter of Debra; 

Meg Lyons and Mary Greene – from Brattleboro Music Center (BMC), ‘fine human beings’.


Rotary Minute:

Space for two members at large.  Anyone interested should attend board meetings, a good way to get in and Kay makes treats which are always good.  



Ali the Magnificent and Tristan Toleno got serenaded by the Sunshine Choir. The ACCOUSTICS were phenomenal!


Cards – it’s in the deck. You lose LOSERS.


Tristam announces that the Coffee Shop is open. Yes they have Whole Bean. The bag costs $12. Half goes to the scholarship forRuby, the student from Honduras who is going to an agricultural school. 

Mona requests we take a group picture before the BMC tour with Lucy. Don't forget to sign her Welcome banner. 

Cindy is looking for volunteers to take a two-hour shift during the Pergola build for Turning Point, on September 22nd. She will bring gloves of all sizes. No experience necessary. Also the Pergola Project is looking for donations of food for the barbecue. Click the attached link to sign up to donate food or volunteer your time.


Sandy announces that Trivia Night will be resuming on Monday, 9/17 at the Legion. We will be supporting the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. Please plan on attending to play or if you would like to volunteer, contact Sandyashriver2011@gmail.com.


Sadie described upcoming volunteer opportunities (which are good for attendance makeups) in our near future. Projects include: 


Sept 22-- Turning Point Pergola Build and BBQ.  Sign up here and get info:



Oct 14-- Disc Golf Tournament 2018. 

To volunteer contact Josh Traeger at JoshTraeger@comcast.net


Sept 29--CT River Conservancy Clean Up day—

To sign up with the noontime Rotary team, here:



Oct 5 or 6--Groundworks Empty Bowls dinner—

For info or to sign up, contact Stan (Noon Rotarian) at stan@firsthomeland.com.  


Kevin – A reminder of the upcoming Byaws Committee meeting for Sept 7 (now passed).  NEXT meeting is now scheduled for Friday, Sept 28th -- 7am at WKVT.


KJ - He is not the Rotary Police. But make ups are important and they make our club look good. (Any rotary volunteering will give you a make-up attendance credit). Email KJ if you do a makeup, kris.johnston.gmail.com@clubrunner.email


Josh T – Eloquently pointed out that “Attendance matters.  The club runs off of members’ hot air. We are missed if we are not here.”
Then a huggable moment was shared between Josh T and Kevin!




Poor Kevin, “Nobody noticed I wasn’t here last week...” He moved his father in law and cat into his house last week. Looking forward to new normal. Gabapentin cat tranquilizer worked successfully.  


Ali – Thanked her birthday friends for dinner (Sadie, Debra, Dan) and an extra brag for Dan who helped her with a flat tire.  Then another thanks to Michelle for lending her a great book, which was then redistributed to a lucky recipient.  Finally - a gift for Jon, who always makes her laugh – an original edition of his LEAST favorite comic strip. 


Michelle – Extraordinary Women of Cheshire County – and she knew 3 of them; she’s clearly hanging out with the right people! Damon’s extraordinary wife Kathryn was there too.


Josh – Plugged in his electric car here in the parking lot of BMC. He is offering lessons on this.


KJ – Went to Tanglewood and got to see Steve Martin and Martin Short. He laughed so hard he had a headache all the next day!


Damon – His superstar sons Aiden and Torin ran really fast and worked to beat their personal best time again!  




Meg and Mary told us a bit about the BMC’s efforts to create this new amazing facility, and then took us on a tour.  Most notable were the acoustics specially created by creative panels and architecture making every room both soundproof from outside and acoustically optimal from within.  


So far about 400 families have contributed to the BMC’s new home on Blanche Moyse way (across from Living Memorial Park), generously ensuring that music education and performance will continue to enrich our community for future generations.  So close to their capital campaign goals, they remain only $400,000 away from their goal of building this new facility completely debt-free. The new BMC is a beautiful asset to our community.


For tickets or information about the Brattleboro Music Center’s 2019 Season Calendar of events:  call - 802-257-4523 or go to -bmcvt.org


4 Way Test   

Have a wonderful week!