Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary meeting -  Wednesday November 15, 2017
Our esteemed President Pong called the meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance -
Thank you to our greeter KJ!
Michelle will be switching up the meeting a bit and starting with the Rotary minutes.  For new members this will be a time to share interesting rotary facts.  There are rotary clubs all around the world and members can visit any of these clubs.  It is a great time to brag about your club and exchange banners while doing so.  See KJ if you will be traveling and would like to bring a banner to a new club.  On a side note, you can make up attendance time even though there are no attendance requirements for our club.
This day in history:
1777 - Articles of confederation were adopted.
1914 - Federal reserve bank opens
1920 - 41 nations start 1st League of Nations session
Quote - he is a wise man who invented beer. Pluto
There is no confirmed scribe or guest for next week, so we will have a club assembly.
Welcome New Member Mona Williams from Cota & Cota today into Sunrise Rotary today. 
Guests – Josh Unruh, Brattleboro Reformer and Jennifer Wallace, Director of Home Care BAYADA
Student Rotarians – Josh and Megyn (BUHS/WRCC) talked about FBLA meetings and a new fundraiser. Megyn was accepted into Franklin Pierce College.  Congratulations!!
Announcements - Tomorrow board meeting.   Toni – 3 meetings before the raffle – who needs help?  Kevin discussed this years Feed the Thousands program and the locations will be Dottie’s, Price Chopper and the Food Coop.  Bring plastic bags and mark locations on the bag.  If you sign up and can’t do your day you will be responsible for getting someone to help.  Mark from Cota said his guys can help if needed.  KJ – this Saturday is a Disc Golf work day from 9am -noon and 12:30 – 3:00 to make the course an 18-hole course.  Pizza for the morning crews.   Jon is looking for ideas for the rotary minute.  No results yet from the visioning session but Michelle will check in with Jim V.
Cards– no winner – we are all losers once again but in my eyes, everyone is a winner!
Bowl of life - “Since not allowed to have any pets as a child I brought a frog to a pet contest” After many unsuccessful guesses it was finally guessed to be Jacques who shared how she won the smallest pet award with her adorable and tiny tree frog.    
  • Cindy - The GPI construction workers who were her hero’s after a car accident.
  • Evelyn –Classmates doing a spelling bee and if they continue to do well will be going to states.  Last year took 2nd and this year hoping for 1st place.
  • KJ – 3 brags – one for Jim Maxwell for helping at Trivia Night, one for visiting with his daughter in Florida and one for the class he took in the White Mountains for 8 days on Wilderness First Responder training.
  • Damon – Aiden for the NE Championship in Belfast Maine he was 1st in his group and came in with a time of 16:47. Torrin came in 18th in a field of 200 at the Jr. Olympics and 1st in all those who were born in 2004.  Will be going to nationals.
  • Tristam – for our Sergeant of Arms Ed who was calm and collected during the temporary disappearance of the fine container.  Also for the VA hospital that provides excellence in care with wonderful staff.
  • Jon – for turning 50 - congratulations on joining the 50 club.  Visited with Dr. McLarney and was given the not so wonderful news that he has arthritis in his knees and will need to ice them forever.  He now has a new-found sympathy for the noon club.  He is also very excited to be beginning the rebuild of his sauna.
  • Kevin – daughter Sara took a very sick car to the good folks at Brattleboro Tire and it now has a new lease on life as well as many new parts.  "Drew" the car will be just fine.  Kevin also gave a shout out to Sadie for doing a great job in the 2nd Rotary Cares radio spot.  Tristam is next in December to talk about International.
  • Marcy – Thank you to all who came to the haunted Halloween extravaganza at her house - if you did take pictures, especially of the actors please send them to her as she is trying to create a first-time video of the event.
  • Mona – first brag and she would to thank Jim Maxwell and the team from Cota and Cota in making her recent house purchase a success.  She also mentioned that her son just started a job that will be near his college campus.
  • Jeff – bragged about his mutual love of the French language with Jon and how they both found the language from different pathways and for different reasons.
Guest speaker - Ross Gibson and the wonders of our brave little state - Vermont.   Ross presented a lot of cool fun facts about Vermont.  14th state to join the union in March 4th, 1791.  Part of the problem as to why it could not join the union is that states needed clear state borders which it did not have because of pesky New York’s land grab.  In addition to Vermont being independent was Texas, Hawaii and California.  Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery.  Vermont is 45th in land size.  Vermont is equal to the size of Macedonia.
Mt. Mansfield is the highest point and Lake Champlain is the lowest.  Milk is the state beverage.  Derby Line has the only spot that is not a recognized border crossing in the library which shares two countries within.  Last state to bring in a Walmart and only recently will have the 1st Target.  Only state capital that doesn’t have a McDonalds.  The 251 club is a great way to log all places that you visit in Vermont. 
4-way test of the things we say and do:
1 - is it the truth?
2 - is it fair to all concerned?
3 - will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4 - will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Respectfully submitted by Cindy Delgatto (apologies for any errors or omissions)