Posted by Jim M. on Jul 24, 2019
Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of meeting July 17, 2019
  1. Cindy standing in for Jim V today
Thank you to our Greeter - Katja
Who would like to volunteer for next week? Mona is our greeter for July 24th 
Thank you to our scribe Jim Maxwell.
Next week I have Erin as our scribe.
This Day in History
1867 - Harvard School of Dental Medicine was established in Boston, MA. It was the first dental school in the U.S. 
1941 - The longest hitting streak in baseball history ended when the Cleveland Indians pitchers held New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio hitless for the first time in 57 games. 
1955 - Disneyland opened in Anaheim, CA to the cheers of thousands of happy kids and the future moan of thousands of parents with empty wallets. 
1997 - After 117 years, the Woolworth Corp. closed its last 400 stores. 
Famous Birthdays - Phyllis Diller 1917 - Comedian 
David Hasselhoff 1952 Actor ("Knight Rider," "Baywatch"), most recently reviving his career as a singer with tours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Quote of the Day   Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I will find peace”.  Spirit says “Find peace and everything will fall into place” Marianne Williamson - author
  1. History
1897 Harvard Med School opens
1941 Joe Dimaggio’s 57 game hitting streak ents
1959 Disneyland opens
1997 Woolworths closes
Birthdays:  Phyllis Diller; David Heselhoff
  2. Guests: Kimberly Diemond, Exec. Dir. of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Vermont; Susannah Graham, Big Brothers Big Sisters; John Mabie; Kevin Curry from Meridan Connecticut; and Amy Goldberg
  3. Announcements: Guilford Welcome Center:  we run it this Sunday; see online for food and other donations needed, as well as staffing especially from noon to 2
Encouraging 100% participation, expecting up to 3,000 guests or more
Drop off locations:  Mona, Cota&Cota
  1. Rotary Anniversay:  Jen Moyse, 5 years
  2. Brags
    1. Jim M. : Apron Theater production of Moliere’s play Tartuffe opens August 8 at Next Stage in Putney
    2. Nick: the glory of golfboarding
    3. Will: opening of Shakespeare Mountain Vista, Air BnB at Will’s place in Marlboro
    4. Dan’s daughter has two, count ‘em, two jobs for the summer
    5. Kevin Curry’s 3 of 4 kids on their own now; he spent 3 weeks in Europe including marriage of daughter; son now a Black Hawk pilot; took granddaughter to circus in Keene
  3. Announcements, round two
    1. round two:  Guilford Welcome Center
    2. Debra asks help with our 2 gardens, need folks early mornings Sat or Sun over next few weeks; she’ll send a schedule
(Allie brag for Debra’s energetic work with gardens)
  1. Cards:  Jack of Diamonds no winner
  2. Bowl of life:  this person worked at the Alpenhaus lodge in Jackson Hole as bartender, serving up Shotskis
Nick.  First guess
So we did it again:  this person was on a high school badminton team
Debra.  First guess
  1. Speakers Kimberly & Susannah about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in VT
    1. Now 3 locations:  here, Burlington & Northeast Kingdom
    2. Program now separate from Youth Services, expanding statewide, 48kids in Windham County and a waiting list of 60
    3. Goal is expansion, sustainability
    4. Big Brothers & Big Sisters are models and mentors who establish lifelong relationships that change lives, the Big’s life & the Little’s life
    5. Now have partnership with Bratt Police Dept
    6. Focus on opioid addictions – those at high risk – reaching families; have a clinician’s expertise, at Brattleboro Retreat
    7. How it works:  Littles are
      1. 40% less likely to use drugs
      2. 33% less likely to continue the process of abuse in families
      3. 27% less likely to use alcohol
      4. 67% more likely to join sports teams
      5. 93% more active in the community
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