Thank you to Debbie Cox, Suds and others for greeting

Next week greeter is Kevin

Scribe today (stand in) KJ

Scribe next week is Mark Ethier, week after is Sadie


Quote of the day:  “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.  But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” -Mother Teresa


Today in History:

On April 10, 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is founded in New York City by philanthropist and diplomat Henry Bergh, 54.  As the pioneer and innovator of the humane movement, the ASPCA quickly became the model for more than 25 other humane organizations in the United States and Canada. And by the time Bergh died in 1888, 37 of the 38 states in the Union had passed anti-cruelty laws. Bergh’s dramatic street rescues of mistreated horses and livestock served as a model for those trying to protect abused children. After Mary Ellen McCormack, 9, was found tied to a bed and brutally beaten by her foster parents in 1874, activists founded the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Bergh served as one of the group’s first vice presidents.


On this day in 1879, Sandor Herz—the future John Hertz, the man behind what will one day be the world’s largest car-rental company—is born in present-day Slovakia. Hertz immigrated to America with his family as a child and grew up in Chicago. In 1915, he founded the Yellow Cab Company as a means of providing affordable transportation to average citizens. In 1932, the Hertz company opened its first car rental shop, at Chicago’s Midway Airport. In 1950, Hertz’s inaugural European facility debuted in France. Within five years after that, Hertz became the first rent-a-car business to open 1,000 locations throughout the world. John Hertz, who was also a philanthropist and raised thoroughbred horses, died at the age of 82 on October 8, 1961.

1933 -The Civilian Conservation Corps, a tool for employing young men and improving the government’s vast holdings of western land, is created in Washington, D.C. One of the dozens of New Deal programs created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to fight the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was primarily designed to put thousands of unemployed young men to work on useful public projects. The training provided by the CCC proved particularly valuable to the 77,000 Native and Hispanic youths who worked in the Southwest. Many of these young men left the CCC able to drive and repair large trucks and tractors, skills that proved highly employable during WWII.



Lady Shoshana - Debra’s daughter

Student Rotarian - Meghan Forrett

Ayla Traeger - Josh’s daughter

Still waiting for Caleb and Drew to show up so we can sing happy birthday to them! 


Debbie Cox - just got back from San Francisco, highlight was sitting with the fund managers in San Mateo. Was able to see her nephew who survived a brain tumor when he was 7, now he’s 30 and working in technology. Great to spend time with him.

Josh T - was in New Orleans for work - loves hanging out down there. Josh and Ayla biked in Keene this weekend, it was a great time.

Will - Tina and Will are going on vacation for two weeks (no fresh eggs… boooooo) heading to Dublin, Paris, Prague and Berlin. Josh T helped Will out with how to say “Water of Life” in Gaelic so he can order Whiskey.

Mark Ethier - for Devi selected as a senior model rep for a local photographer.

Sadie - last weekend to see Malcolm Toleno on stage at NEYT

Tom - for Jim, Ali, and student Rotarians who went to training this weekend for their rolls. It was a great time.

Michelle - daughter is graduation from Law School next weekend! She received four outstanding awards, woot! woot!

Kevin - doesn’t want Josh T to read this as anything other than a brag.  The NCAA Running Rebels bracket; Kevin is the winner.

Ali - the folks that went to training and Jim Verzino’s self driving car.  The district assembly was really great, Ali was the only member who had an organized system for accounting, maybe we’re not as bad as we think.

Turner - was down in Tampa at the Woman’s final four NCAA tournament. He was able to go with his favorite nephew, cousin and brother (don't tell his other brothers!)

Dan - Storytellers on a Mission fundraiser - was a super fun time. Sat in the front row in the center, tried not to make eye contact.

Debra - Brag for Lady Shosh, in a big show at her school tomorrow - she has 73 lines and is in charge of all of the costumes, only one costume is ready! Debra and Dan will be in Italy next week.

Cards - 2 of Hearts - Tom Franks is the winner!

Student Rotarian Meghan - presented to the advisory board hoping to get more funding. Getting their farewell speeches ready, that will be an emotional time for the seniors.

Bi-Laws - they have been distributed via email - tried to incorporate common language and coincide with RI relaxed requirements for attendance and how our club operates. Added a piece on honorary membership. Good to go back and review the Bi-laws regularly as some folks found some things we were supposed to be doing that we are not doing.

Bi-Laws vote: Vote passes by voice vote

Kevin is now the Rotary rules guy (apparently this is in the bi-laws)… I jest.

Club Announcements:

Touch-a-Truck - May 11th - two slots to sign up 8 - 11 and 11 - 2. There is also a slot for supplies, please sign up. Fast Eddies will order items and sells it to us at half his cost.

Vermont Food Bank - this coming Saturday, need four Rotarians to help out from 9 - Noon. Contact Kevin via email if interested.

Coffee shop is open - buy it now it’s delicious!

Exchange student - Ali reports some noon club members were interested in hosting a student. There was some discussion around hosting an exchange student.

Meghan’s birthday! The singer’s wow’d us all with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for Meghan.

In club service project took the rest of the meeting time.

Four Way Test of the things we think, say and do.