Battleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting Notes for January 8, 2020 
Greeter:  KJ 
Meeting Opened: by President Jim Verzino at the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro                                               Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in our Minds Eye under the Disco Ball! 
Guests:  Bethany LaClair, guest speaker of the Boys & Girls Club 
Anniversary:  John Secrest 15 years (he remembers bringing Alina in a car seat) and Dan Dietz 14 years. 
Kevin proposed a fine on President Verzino for not recognizing all guest and he introduced former Student Rotarian, Megan Farrett.  He also noted that you will see her name as her Dad will be transferring ownership of Haviland’s Service Station at 193 Green Street, Brattleboro to her sometime in the future. Tristam Johnson noted that Haviland’s are well know in the community for trustworthy service and very reputable.  
Birthdays:   KJ, Jason Posternak, Lisa Fitzgerald (who by the way sported the hat correctly   
Announcements: KJ- trivia Night January 13th 6:30 pm @ American Legion, benefactor will be the Windham County Humane Society.  Jim Maxwell will MC as KJ will be in Orlando Florida.  Cindy mentioned she will be in Fort Lauderdale about the same time. 
Mona- Next Overflow Shelter Meal is Thursday January 23rd.  Menu is Beef Stew, Veggie Stew, drinks, salad ……..SIGN UP PLEASE! 
Jim V.- Board meeting @ WKBT tomorrow.  Kevin will have coffee, if not bring your own! 
Student Rotarians:  Alina Secrest & Hazel Wagner.  A few games are going on, headed to MAU today.  Top two teams in the State.  Looking for a win today as they beat them on their home course the last time.  Basketball & Girls hockey games today.  Finals in 2.5 weeks.  Project Feed the Thousands done for now.  John S. wants to know if they will study hard the next 2 weeks!  Q: asked if teachers talking about Iran.  A= NO but good topic 
Cards:  Josh Traeger filled in for our beloved Ed.  Bethany from B&G Club pulled the 10 Clubs and Megan Farrett won a huge pot of $85.00 
Braggs:  Katja Matthews- first big thank you to the Rotary Club celebrating NY’s Eve event.  Thanks to Justin & team catering and Mona, Stacy, Dianne a big THANK YOU.  Still working on final numbers but will advise.  Second- she went into her car this morning and music playing on CD she did not recognize.  Surprise gift of music from Germany from husband. 
Josh Traeger- big brag for Katja.  NY’s eve was a ton of fun, fantastic dancers & she had an idea, pulled together a team and pulled it off.  Awarded her with a Super Hero pin for her efforts. 
KJ- Dianne asked to brag for Katja pulling the NY’s eve event together, Mona for great decorations. 
Michelle Pond- NY’s Eve team and announced an upcoming Ducks Unlimited Banquet on January 25, 2020.  Eight guns will be raffled off and art work.  DU will be held at the VFW event starts at 4:30, auction 6pm. 
Mona- NY’s Eve Amazing Katja!  Had fun hope next year more Rotarians will attend.  Dianne & Stacy thank you, we all pulled together as a team- great time.  Also, her granddaughter is in Brownies and is selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Pay now or in March, order sheet going around. 
Turner- Brag that he & his home survived 35 family members for the holidays.  Only two plugged toilets & the freezer died!  Happy to see everyone come, happy to see them go! 
Kevin- Brag on the BEST Christmas gift ever!  Lovely daughter gave him an annoying (my word) cat crying neck tie!  Josh T- something in your shirt is dying.  Ooops it’s your manhood!  Kevin said until it is gone, I still have it   
  .  AMAZON PORTAL plugs into HDMI port allows you to Skype, Face Time right there on your big screen TV.  Life Size.  Got Eric & daughter one too.  Spent 2.5 hours watching grandson open gifts and he can see us life size.  It also has a story time app built in so when you read the 3 little pigs it is animated.  Highly recommended.  Tie is cats singing Jingle Bells on the tie by the way! 
Tristen- Son is teaching classes at Hatch Base. 
Deborah Rosenzweig- Thank you Katja & team for a great NY’s Galla.  Her “Bubby” (grandmother) died who was the matriarch of the family that lived in Toronto and a Holocaust survivor.  She had four sons Harvey, Harry, Marbie & Phillip.  For the last 20 years the brothers did not talk together.  Heard wonderful speeches.  Saturday we had Shivia (formal mourning for the dead) where you cover & focus on what is meaningful, by the end of the night all together now!  Really wonderful!  She was in a panic because no outfit for the NY’s Eve  party, Dan picked Deborah  up an outfit and as noted she was beautiful for the event and great-full to be there. 
Tristam Johnson-Needs to learn Italian.  Won a trip to Tuscany for $750 (1 week 8 people) at an auction run by Save Our Nations and Get Out to Vote. 
Tony- Brag for Megan Forrett she came back and was the winner of the Penfield Scholarship.  Megan stated she is at Vermont Tech in Randolph, absolutely loves it.  First quarter scored 90 and above.  Really happy and thank you for believing in me.  Studying Business Management and technology as she wants to someday take over her Dad’s business. 
Guest Speaker:  Bethany LaClair of the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro.  She presently is the intern director but her intention is to become the formal director.  Board is doing their due diligence.  Club has been in business 20 years and serves 1000 kids in the community.  They average 40-60 on any given day.  The children have a structured hour for homework, they have e-gaming (with underlying skill learning they are unaware of).  Presently they have 6 JR staff.  The Kids Club is fairly new which is more structured with a whole schedule for ages 6-10.  Children receive snacks and free dinner every day.  Sometimes an adult family member will be there for dinner also.  They support summer camp and have partnered with Hatch Space where kids learn how to build skate boards.  The B&G Club want to get more members in the door.  There is a lot of talk about bullying, how to deal with it, stand up against it and report it.  They try to address the big issues the town faces.  Q:  what ages?  A:  6-18 years old  Q: Cost?  A: $25.00 a year.  Walk in’s free first time to check it out, thereafter $2.00 fee.  They also have some scholarships available if needed to help as many children as possible.  Q: what kind of volunteer system do you need?  A:  Background checks are done, definitely need little projects, 2-3 hours if great.  Spread the word most people don’t know what we do here.  Have program with supporting college.  Need awareness.  Minimum volunteer age is 13, no maximum age.  Q: Is there transportation issues?  A:  they have two vans that pick up children at the area schools, some volunteers walk with the students.  Children do not need to be Brattleboro residents.  Cindy- commented she works with the Department of Labor and can help her with connections for kids in transition.  Q:  How many people volunteer?  Right now, 3 staff & a wonderful gentleman that runs the bike shop.  Bikes are donated, need repair, he then teaches the child how to repair what becomes their own bike thereafter.  Erin- so impressed do you have any events to showcase what you do here?  A:  February 26 they have Youth of the Year Ceremony.  This is the highest honor a Boys & Girls Club member can receive.  This title recognizes outstanding high achievement in areas of academic excellence, healthy lifestyles, leadership character and service as well as obstacles overcome.  Members write and are judged with day long interviews.  First step is earning $500 scholarship, then can proceed to next level all the way up to $20,000.  The social starts at 6pm with a limo ride to the 99 Restaurant.  The Younger Kids Program is local.  We also have “Going the Distance Ride” in the Spring.  Fund raiser bike ride that is FLAT!  Q- is there professional development for the staff here regularly?  A:  YES, that is a huge priority especially with the kid ‘s club.  We just received our first star from the State of Vermont.  Receiving stars qualifies us for subsidy, currently we have 3 stars and our goal is to have the 4th star by the end of 2020.  This system gives us more members from DCF and other places.  We always want more education on children with behavioral issues, how can we deflate instead of escalate a situation.  We do have a quiet space to help them calm down. 
Jim V- point of interest, some of your members may want to participate in our 3 on 3 basketball tournament we hold. 
Cindy D.- kids with lots of barriers, what can the club do?   Wish list?  A: snacks/dinner is huge.  We ask about household income it is safe and non-judgmental.  If we hear that a kid needs something, we go buy it or find a resource to fill the need. 
Noted on our tour it was mentioned the need for Barbie Dolls, any kind of dolls, books and good board games that are age appropriate. 
Respectfully submitted (& a labor of love   
  ) Debbie Cox