Thank you to our Greeter Will Shakespeare! 

Next week’s greeter - Turner

This week’s scribe - KJ - filling in for Mr. Stoner

Next week’s scribe - Val



Shawn Garland

Ed Brimley from Illinois, it was his birthday on Monday and his Rotary Anniversary this month, 24 years of perfect attendance. We are his 68th club and Vermont is his 25th State. The birthday singers sang to our guest who appreciated the song.

John Mabie - Nooner and Law man

Shoshana Bass - our speaker from Sandglass Theatre in Putney


Rotary Anniversaries:

Josh Goldberg - 2 years

Michelle Pong - 9 years in our club (which is really the most important part) and some other years in another club making a total of 20 years. Rumors are that this is impossible, she’s too young for that. 



Coffee Shop: Tristam is changing the way the Coffee Shop works and ordering when he has enough demand, the demand is there so he is placing an order. Don’t forget who said they would buy!


Disc Golf Tournament: coming up on October 13th, need volunteers to help. Contact Josh Goldberg if interested. 


Trivia Night: starting back up September 16th. Thank you to all who have volunteered! Please come out and play, you don’t have to be good at Trivia! It’s just a fun evening out and dinner is always great! 


Hostage Tumbler: Kevin has a tumbler he is holding hostage, it has stickers on it. No word on how it came to be in Kevin’s possession nor why he is holding it hostage, the mystery continues! 


Cards: It’s in the deck! YOU LOSE LOSERS! 

Our Guest Ed suggests we up the ante to $2/card. Josh G proposes a $5 fine on our guest for suggesting such a thing. 



John Mabie: 32 year anniversary and a great get-away to Maine with Val. 



Rescue Inc. raffle tickets - $20 each or 6 for $100, win a car and many other prizes!

Masonic Lodge Raffle: $20/ticket only 500 being sold, Grand Prize is either a Remington .308 (which we heard is a hunting rifle) or $500 cash, 2nd Prize $300 cash and 3rd Prize is $200 cash. 

Rescue Inc. Adventure Race - this year we’re having a family fun race and obstacles for the kids/family, please come out and support our team and our cause. More info at



Aiden at College - settling in nicely, some tears were shed

Torin finished 3rd out of 39 (?) in a big race this week. 



Anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, it was wonderful! If you haven’t been GO! 



$5 brag - Jason found a car for Alina to drive when (if?) she gets her license in a couple of weeks. 

Alina had her first varsity soccer match, it was fun to see his daughter start on Varsity, but not so fun to now have to pay for the opportunity. 

Keri and Jon did a Century ride in NYC. 107 miles in just over 11 hours with 3000 of their closest friends. 


Deb R: 

Sadie is in a play opening this weekend at the Actor’s Theatre Playhouse ( some folks are going on Friday, September 13th, meeting at Echo Restaurant in Brattleboro at 6 PM and then going to the show at 7:30. Let KJ know if you’d like to join. 

Hungry Lion Bike tour coming up! Support your Rotary Team!



Went to the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion this past weekend to see some bands, some great, some should retire. 



Her best friend has joined a Rotary Club! 

Linda’s Closet is having their 17th Annual 5K around Granite Lake next Saturday (September 21st), come hear Michelle announce people’s names!

2-10 Anniversary (which her and Chris both forgot about, but never again as her daughter has announced she is getting married on the date of their 2-11 Anniversary! 



Grandkids are amazing. He, of course, has the cutest grandson in the world, even though he was photographed in a Seahawks jersey, everyone (even his other grandma) knows he’s a New England fan at heart. 

Did his own 5K while mowing the lawn, he ran out of gas, then the lawnmower ran out of fuel. 


Shoshana Bass from Sandglass Theatre thrilled us with tales of the Theatre’s beginning in 1982 in Germany by her parents who then moved to Putney in 1986. 

Sandglass uses the art of puppets to dialogue around cultural issues which would be more difficult without the buffer of the puppet. 

About to go on a tour of the West Coast with a piece about refugee resettlement. 

Shoshana is taking a legacy piece (her father’s signature piece) to Korea in the near future. She has spent many months with her father learning this piece and is honored to carry on his work. 

September 14-15 (This weekend!) is the International Puppet Festival “Puppets in Paradise” at the Retreat Farm more info available at

Chocolino or Chucklino (I didn’t get the name for sure) made an appearance after some coaxing in his native German and dragged Shoshana around the room finally going back to his home and letting Shoshana finish her presentation.