Posted on Feb 14, 2018
Happy Valentines Day!
Damon introduced Shoshana and Ayla. Kevin introduced Jennifer Mayhew from Biatta home health who is visiting and considering membership. Project feed the thousands speakers
To be listed
We are giving them a donation check and will get an update on the project
Natalia student rotarian report. Josh is in Colorado – Man of LaMancha is in full rehearsals, performances begin tomorrow. Break is next week.
Stacey and Dan got serenaded by the magnificent birthday quartet.
Cards – in the deck. You lose LOSERS.
Kevin introduces the guests – Feed the Thousands speakers, Jeff Morse from River Valley Credit union and Kelly Corbeil  from WTSA.
Jeff Morse:
Groundworks Collaborative feeds 7000 individuals each year, huge considering the size of the area.
53% of school age kids get free or reduced meals at school.
Originally the majority got donated by CNS wholesale.
WTSA does the marketing muscle. Schools spread worth of mouth too. Local businesses providing help abounding. They can buy food at 15 cents on the dollar. Groundworks collaborative get the most of it. Kevin has been a steadfast and energetic driving force on the volunteering despite being from a different station… Impressive.
Majority of donations are under $50. But they also want volunteers to come help.
Kevin presented them with a check for $1000 on Behalf of Groundworks Sunrise Rotary. Woo Hoo!
Bowl of Life –
Played the lead in Annie Oakley – our own KEVIN YAGER, who blanked on his lines before stage and then he recovered and the show went on.
He won’t share the photos.
Ali - asked who would be willing to check the 3 on 3 mailbox. We got lots of volunteers and Cindy won the job.
Tristam – new president of SIT is going to speak tomorrow night.
Jim Maxwell – not going to Honduras with Ali and Tristam but he  supports them and also that the BMC is interested in hosting local groups for meetings, planting that notion that we might meet there. The noon club is already scheduled.
Marcy – announces our new vice president elect – Cindy Delgatto. Think not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club.
Jimmy V – we contributed the most
Toni – we have 5 student rotarians, Natalya is here today. Take a few minutes to say hello and sign the sheet so you don't get fined.
Kevin – 3 on 3 basketball is 5 weeks away, lots of leg work happening. Kevin suggests we send out letters to get more donations, make assumptions that people want to give, this is the money that goes to scholarships. March 17th is the day.
Damon – iphone update for clubrunner allows you to text, download it
Dan – Is there willingness to do a blood drive on May 1st? Yes. Yay.
Tristam – bragging for Honduras trip next week and for Stacey
Jacques – went skiing for first time in 20 years, pitching holiday lights in chesterfield, they made tons, maybe do that at the austine school, was a huge success in chesterfield
Ali – bragging for going to Honduras. We hope she comes back. Lisa planned it all. And she loves Kelly’s shoes.
KJ – bragging for technology, got awoken by emergency services from his family
Damen – bragging for his trip to Maui next week.
Dan - bragging for crashing his snowmobile into his brother.
4 Way Test  
Have a wonderful week!