BANG of the GONG - Meeting Begin




Thanks to Ed Dews for Greeting

Next week is Ali


This Day in History

1931. Dick Tracy Comic Strip by Chester Gould debuts

1949 United Nations permanent NYC headquarters is dedicated

1955 Brooklyn Dodgers only World Series Victory being the Yankees in 7 Games

1990. US Premier of Fox TV’s “Beverly Hills 90210” starring Luke Perry, Jason Priestley, & Shannon Doherty


Great spirits have always encountered violet opposition from mediocre minds - Albert Einstein



10/4 Lissa (Nick Sub)

10/11 Kevin Yager

10/18 Alisa Berry




Michael Burnett - future member

Larry Bortles - Erin’s Dad

Mona from Cota & Cota 




Sandy Shriver 20 yrs

Debra 1yr



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Ali 


Bowl of Life: 

Parents built first one bedroom home with own hands and dug in-ground pool in back yard. 

Ali - Jeff - Damon - Jacques - Dan - Josh - Debra - Marcy - Lisa - Cindy - Tristan - Tristam - Toni - Josh - Ed - Kevin - Sandy - Jim - Will Shakespear 

Mom returned from war, father was engineer in Franconia, built home from logs off land, also had a martini party to dig pool, had a lot of people over passed out but pool was dug, filled pool with hose from river.  



Sell Raffle Tickets - Mis-print on the tickets new ones being printed

Josh Disc Golf - What is success, funds raised, fun had for all, fellowship, all around success. 

Tristam - Meeting with Maria Leonard Oct 21st in Boston.  February 16-19th travel to Honduras for anyone interested follow up with Tristam.  Letter from sponsor kid Danny, he is now about to graduate and wrote letter to club thanking for all the support.  

Sandy Shriver - Trivia Night still need score keepers 1-2 volunteers for Monday night 1.5hrs 10/9. 



Cindy - Kevin advertising at the career expo.  Mothers senior housing facility caught fire, volunteer first responders saved many lives.

Ali - New job training to be Claremont NH wrap around social work to help most at risk. 

KJ - Rescue raffle,  tickets are 1 for $20 or 6 for $100.  Donations cover what medicare, medicaid and private insurance wont cover

Damon - Bob is dropping off materials for project;  Cousin and wife visited to do half marathon, Red Sox games at Blue Jays, Keene Rotary Club sponsor for full and half marathon; personal record 13th out of 300+ runners Wahoooo!

Erin - father Larry is moving with wife to Fredericton CAN Utilizing medical canabis to treat war veterans victims.  

Josh - Leave from absence from pledge of allegiance 

Kevin - visit with family in CA, wine tour, 10 facilities to visit the newly weds.  Also fine any member not wearing pin.  PAY UP!

Michelle - Attending 30th high school reunion; class of 239 people 139 attended, began on Friday BUHS 1987.  Jeff treated Michelle to long lesson on Dairy Farming. 


Guest Speakers 

Cindy Intro - Susie Walker & Ella-Turning Point

Dealing with addiction in the community and good news that recovery through community and support.  Drinking and substance abuse often are peoples method of dealing.  Providing the resources and collaboration with Brattleboro Retreat and HCRS to help serve the vulnerable population.  After going to treatment what next?  Center provides new playground and playmates, supporting through 12 step programs, but doesn’t work with everyone, so need to custom tailor the strategy.  Regardless of the program that the individual chooses for recovery the turning point focuses on health and well being.  Providing each other hope and support to take the leap and work on sobriety.  Looking back Susie reflects that her process to sobriety was picking back the pieces of her life that she left behind.  


Ella - six years in recovery, waking up in an out of body experience.  Found substances at age 18 and seemed to make her life better.  First time picked up substance their life got a little better, now its the daily experiences that provide that life improvement.  Got very lucky to have Dad help with recovery, provided a chance to have something valuable in life to protect.  At the bottom all relationships were destroyed, educational leave, arrests, there was no longer any care left for anything at that point.  It all changed when she found something that she really cared about protecting and that was the relationship she had with her father.   The decision to stop is easy, but the hard part is the decision to stay stopped.  Through work at the Turning Point was able to rebuild her strategies to deal with challenges in life other than substances.  Began by removing all negative influences in her life, which left huge vacancies in her life.  Had to fill voids with hiking, group meetings, lunch with father, photography, anything that gave her strength and got her excited.  



1 on 1 coaching and support to provide and identify next steps towards recovery providing work, life recovery.  Being cheerleader to help offset the negative experiences.

12 step Programs

Smart Recovery - Less religious version of 12 steps

Acupuncture every Tuesday afternoon

Outreach Programs - helping to pay it forward through volunteerism; sitting around all day and inactivity is dangerous.  

Volunteerism is opening new doors to opportunities.