Scribe: 10/10/18 Katja Matthews
10/17/18 Jim Maxwell
10/24/18 Erin O'Keefe

Quote of the Day: Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do, doesn't mean it is useless - Thomas Edison.

Today in History:
1845 - The United States Naval Academy opens in Annapolis, Maryland, with 50 midshipmen students and seven professors. Known as the Naval School until 1850, the curriculum included mathematics and navigation, gunnery and steam, chemistry, English, natural philosophy, and French. The Naval School officially became the U.S. Naval Academy in 1850, and a new curriculum went into effect, requiring midshipmen to study at the academy for four years and to train aboard ships each summer - the basic format that remains at the academy to this day.

1973 - Less than a year before Richard M. Nixon's resignation as president of teh United States, Spiro Agnew becomes the first U.S. vice president to resign in disgrace. The same day, he pleaded no contest to a charge of federal income tax evasion in exchnage for a dropping of charges of political corruption. He was subsequently fined $10,00, sentenced to three years probation, and disbarred by the Maryland court appeals.

On this day in 1881, Charles Darwin published The Formation of Vegetable Mold Through the Action of Worms. He considered the worka more important accomplishment than his The Origin of Species (1859), which turned out to be one of the most influential and controversial books in history.

Student Rotarians:
Meghan Ferrette and Orion Stone

Meghan is the President of FBLA team and Orion is an officer
FBLA starting busy season, starting to raise money for March of Dimes, $150 raised in one event
Blood Drive – This year on Halloween, want to dress up as vampires!
Just finished their first fund raiser at Yankee Candle

Birthday: Sadie Fischesser (not here today) Happy Birthday!!!

Sandy Schriver – today 21 years
Bethany as of 16th – 3 years

Club Announcements:
Tom:  survey to send out about Rotary. Please do let Tom know, that you filled out the survey, so
This is only a test!!
It will ask what have you done in Service in the last four weeks

Kevin: Friday 12th next meeting of By laws
KBT at 7am. There have not been a ton of edits so far.
Hopes to have presentations to board by December meeting

Josh: Disc Golf tournament on this Sunday. If you are volunteer know, your jobs. We have two Rotarian teams, one is playing for Brattleboro Reformer. Jim, Sandy, Dan are playing… Toni is playing for Bank. Debra, Michelle is playing…
Who ever just wants to come, please do come
12:30pm start
will do BBQ and grill burger
Money raised will be donated at the end

Dan: 4 Rotarian's are in race for Rescue Inc. Looking for pledges now, sign up for pledge
Looking for grill master to grill some burgers!! Starting at 2pm, at the shelter.
There is a sign up sheet for food donation, going around a sheet

Cards: $9 goes to Jack in Diamonds – All loosers, card is still in the deck

Jacques – 2 kids in College. She organized an evening with other parents to do care packages with items for kids in College

Jennifer: Currently participating in husband's play: Frankenstein, Shoot the moon theater
Fri and Sat 7:30pm, starting on October 19 at the Hooker Dunham Theater

KJ; $20
Tom for taking board meeting minutes last week
Jim for MC duties at Trivia
Thu: Rescue Inc draw for the Car, come to the Marina, there will be appetizers
Gone for 2 weeks to Ireland with mom
Anniversary as well of 5 years with Diane (but going off with mom instead of celebrating!!)
Also went to sister's wedding last weekend, his very good friend married her, now two very good friends are married to his sisters. Most love filled wedding he has experienced in his life!!

Cindy: Lisa who is an amazing human being!

Damon: apology to Marcy. Neglected to change dates of speakers. Marcy was helping this am!!

Turner: 1- will donate $10 to Tom who did the notes last week
75th birthday celebration for his wife yesterday, his daughter came from PA, plus his son came as well. He doesn’t remember when he was the last time alone with his family of 4. Nice day!!

Kevin: brag for an award, Rotary Cares got an award from BC TV for best program. It is a joined program from both Rotary Clubs!!
Award show on October 25th at118 Ellliot Street – award to receive. Come to it if you have time.
It has been a labor of love, great experience for all, will keep it going, show number 11 is going to be recorded later this month.

Jeff: Milestone - 20 Year anniversary to wife Kelly. Will buy her a romantic gift of Dishwasher. Love it!

Bowl of life: My grandfather started one of the very first ambulance services in Brattleboro:
John Seacrest guessed Mona and it was her!! 1953 her father started one of the first ambulance services, the vehicles used to start in old Duttons building  and then often drive to Mount Snow, bringing skiers from Mount Snow to town hospital, had it for about 5 years before moving down to CT. His name is  Joseph Houle.

Debra: very tired. The past weekend was Eva’s Bar Mitzvah , she did the lead services at the  Synagogue  in Keene, her whole family flew in from all over the country. Coming of age celebration for 13 year old girls. Eva was singing and reading out of the Torah, in Hebrew!!
Coming home, her sink was plugged with 4” water. Handyman told her to sell the house!! What does that mean??

Guest speaker: Pamela Corbett

VT Department of Health, working at the local level in Brattleboro
working primarily with the hospitals

Topic: Personal and Community Emergency Preparedness
She wants us to think about ourselves first vs Service above self!!
Motto: Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!
Why prepare? Winter ice storms, Hurricane Irene, heat waves,, power outages, long time extreme cold.
Non weather related:  water condemnation , terrorist attacks
VT: highest probability: Erosion and Flood 4/4; Ice 3/4; Snow and Wind 4/4……. Infection disease 2/4
what to prepare for:
Delay in help
Power outages
road closure
Property damage
lack of clean water
limited communication
If you choose to stay put, be prepared for it!!
How to prepare??
Make a personal kit
Make  a plan
Be informed
get involved
Water has a shelf life!!
3 days of nonperishable/ non cook food, water (1 gallon per person per day), medication.
Flashlight, battery operated radio, extra batteries, extension cord
First Aid kit, cash, cell phone and charger.
ID cards, information (Dr. meds, allergies), family and friends contacts, toothbrush/ toothpaste, blanket, wash clothes.
Clothes, baby or pet supplies if you need them.
You could have a box in your car or in the house in a closed box.
Think about pet supplies and have  a kit ready (ID, vaccine history, toys…)

Make  a plan:
Have  a plan for: Home, work, school
Components of a plan: Communication (out of State contact), evacuation routes, meet up location.
Does your family know, where you will be in an emergency?/ Have an evacuation route…
Are we all signed up for VT alert??
weather Info
Vermont Road Info – call 511

Community Emergency Preparedness
Middle school, VFW – they can go in and operate clinics
Leland and Gray
Landmark College
Willmington – old high school

Couple years ago they rehearsed a scenario where they played to pretend that we have an disaster and had people to rehearse.
That there was a plaque. For two weeks couple years ago they did a full program.
Need to be able to operate clinic in an emergency situation but only have staff of 12 employees
Help from MRC, founded in 2002 after the happenings of 9/11. Medical Reserve Corps are supported by Department of Heath
many volunteer organizations are working together during emergencies.
Have social workers to help with mental issues as well, during emergency situation

MRC volunteers can participate in a wide variety of public health activities and are not limited to emergency incidents. Volunteers receive liability and worker’s compensation coverage through the VT Dep of Heath when the Unit Coordination is activating an emergency.

POD – Point of Distribution
Volunteer Activation: constantly being trained and exercises ensure an efficient response during an actual events. Volunteers can be trained or asked to exercise in any of the previous mentioned incidents.

If you are interested in signing up, please do!!
If you own a business, you can sign up for your employees and and their families. That will safe time and people crowds when there is an emergency.

Finished with the Four Way Test!