Sunrise Rotary Meeting 10-24-18

Scribe: Katja Matthews for Erin O'Keefe
10/31/18 Michelle Pong
11/7/18 Jason Posternak

Quote of the Day: "We were born naked, everything else is drag" Ru Paul

Today in History:
On this day in 1901, a 63-old schoolteacher named Annie Edson Taylor becomes the first person to take the plunge over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Knocked violently from side to side by the rapids and the propelled over the edge of Horseshoes Falls, Taylor reached the shore alive, if a bit battered.

1945 - Less than two months after teh end of WW2, the United Nations is formally established with the ratification of the United Nations Cahrter by the five permanent members of the Security Council and a majority of other signatories.

On October 24, 1992, the Toronto Blue Jays beat the ATlanta Braves in the sixth game of the World Series to win the championship. It was the first time a Canadian team had ever won the trophy, and it was a truly international victory - the Blue Jay's 25-man roster included several players of Puerto Rican descent, a Jamaican, three Dominicans and no actual Canadians!

Rotary Minute: Rotary is dedicated to six areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever. These 6 areas are: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, sanitation, and hydration; saving mothers and children, supporting education and growing local economies.

Guest speaker: Kerry E. Secrest – Honorary Consul of Lithuania to Vermont
Guests: Ela, daughter of Josh, a wonderful person, she is 8 + years old. They have a new fish and she is looking forward to ski season!
Susannah Grand, office mgr HR Block
John Secrest introducing his wife Kerry - married in 2000, she has turned her life around since then
Davie, Mark’s daughter who is also a Rotarian (if I understood correctly?)

Birthday: Diane Hashagen (not present, so we could not serenade her)

Anniversary: Debbi Cox, Oct 25 - 1 year

Board of Director Meeting November 8
Tristam: Just back from Honduras, was there for 10 days. Only 5 bags of coffee left, $12. Coffee gets shipped to PA, where Maria lives. Now also offer coffee mugs, with symbol of organization who is funding the organization, 5 mugs available. Use the banana peels to seal the clay. $10 offer
Jon: Board bring to our attention: looking into new signs for garden areas. Best advert we have as club. 3 signs
considered. Can do it for $400 - 4 x 8 sheet of metal from Lotus. Does Club have interest? Will pass around list for small signs.
Kevin: Rotary cares episode 11 is now up and available on you tube, subject on Polio. Probably one of best segments to date. Tomorrow 6-8 pm BC TV winner of 2018 Non Profit Award on 118 Elliot Street.
Josh: Thanks to everyone for help with tournament. Over 70 people on the hill playing. So many Rotarians helping. Raised $7,500 this year, the most so far. We are splitting the $7,500 with Afternoon Club.

Student Rotarian Report: Davie from BUHS
Playoffs are starting, soccer won yesterday
Field Hockey starting soon as well
grades are closing soon for Mid terms

Cards: Three of Diamonds - in the deck, nobody won.

Tristam: Trip to Honduras on behalf of Rotary. To make sure the money from Rotary gets to the projects and will make a difference. Had to get Maleria drugs prior and the closet place to get them was at Dartmouth Hitchcock to get proper drugs. Training women to take on jobs, which was very powerful
1st project all about water

Josh: For Kevin doing the Rotary Cares broadcasting. Did you know, that he is actually directing the show!! Together with Marty Cohn from Noon Club!

Jennifer: For husbands production of Frankenstein, this weekend and next weekend at the Hooker Dunham Theater. Bragging for Jacques and Caleb for bringing group of 10pp. Jenn is in as role of Elizabeth.

Tristam: does anyone need a harp??

Bowl of life:
I was touring Guatemala and was forced to leave suddenly due to troubles with Election: Tristam – John S. – Tom – Toni – Will – Mark – Ross – Jimmy V and YES it is him. Went for three weeks, studying Spanish. It is very different there. It was a mess, not even cellphones back then. He needed to leave suddenly, but ended up for a week in Costa Rica. About 2000 – 2002.

Kerry E. Seacrest, introduced by hubby John
Leadership Coach at Marlboro College, but today here as Honorary Consul of Lithuania to Vermont
Her story with Lithuania:
Great grand parents came over to America at turn of century for economic reason. She did not grow up speaking the language. Went to Neringa Camp, when she was from ages 9-16, did counseling afterwards, send her children there, they got married there as well.
Living in Lithuania after the East Block collapsed, 3-11-1990 independence from Russia, declared but not received until 1991. She was there July 1991. In January in 1991 there was big trouble with Russians trying to close communication… Lots of non violent protesters.
Hands across the Baltic, three countries where holding hands  and singing the whole time (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) Millions of people, holding hands and singing. Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning 675.5 kilometres (419.7 mi) across the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which were considered at the time to be constituent republics of the Soviet Union. On August 23, 1989. See video:

While Kerry was there no communication to the Outside world, took two days to make  a phone call . She only called 3 times in two years home. During Uni all students had to go to collective farms to pick fruits. She was lucky to pick apples, juniors had to pick berries ☹ Had a lot of fun as well.
Underneath her bed in dormitory, big thing of potatoes, stock piled. Had vodka stash as well. Russia cut off all hot water to the Baltics. Didn't have heat in university, building was too big. Bundle up!
Had a boyfriend, they went shopping, cooked what you found in supermarkets. Xmas dinner there. Really cool guys knew how to can
apples. Mushrooming was big.
She taught English there, had a radio program reading news in English, and radio show as well.
In soviet period could not talk about independence, musicians had culture of hidden meaning. Played clip.
Montego Bay: Vyktautis Kernagis. Tongue in check about force containment. Subculture below soviet comprehension.
Lithuanians have a really important relationship to nature, much more outdoors on weekends. Country is Catholic.
Shifting with westernization.
There was not much going out, there was not much there, but people made something out of nothing and had fun.
Country had no money, the country was bankrupt.
She had a day, where the embassy was closed down and everyone came in and everyone was cooking food for the first independent post liberation.

Her role now is to build cultural experience between Lithuania and USA
This year they celebrated centenary of Lithuanians Independence
Lithuania is third smallest country in EU, but one of the highest educated ones. Oldest university in Vilnius
A lot of activity happening now, huge in Business and to attract foreigners to start businesses. It is very open to migrants, but nobody wants to come.
Movie: The Other Dream Team about Lithuanian Basketball teams in Soviet occupation. Availalble on Netflix. Watch it, no dry eye
Check out Ruta Sepetys Author: Between Shades of Grey, Salt to the Sea.
Honorary Consul. - Volunteer post, official extension of diplomatic core. Take on one activity per year.
Have fun. Jugas cheese available at Grafton. Russia closed 75% of export. Did collaboration with VT
Performance Lab. This year celebrating independence. 28 years since independence. Clips
1) Study in Lithuania - video.
2) Do Business in Lithuania -
Lots of cutting edge stuff happening there. Also has bitcoin technology. Biotech, financial tech, Beautiful country. Go and visit!
Ačiū Kerry :-)

Four way test and good bye.