Thank you to our Greeter: Josh T! 


Next week Greeter: Cindy!




1788 NY City becomes 1st capital of US

1956 IBM introduces the RAMAC 305, 1st commercial computer with a hard drive that uses magnetic disk storage, weighs over a ton

1969 "Scooby-Doo Where are You" by Hanna-Barbera debuts on CBS in the US

1971 11 guards & 31 prisoners die in take over at Attica State Prison

1977 1st TV viewer discretion warning-Soap



The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. - Albert Einstein



Next week - Josh T (Looking for someone to take his place, any volunteers?)

9/27 - Jim Verizon

10/4 - Lissa Weinmann

10/11 - Kevin Yaher

10/18 - Ali(sa) Barry

10/25 - Marcy Caulkins


NO MORNING Meeting on September 27th, come to the New England House from 5-9 PM for our visioning meeting.



Ava - Debra’s Daughter

Evelyn and Debra’s other daughter - Shoshana

Debra Cox - Financial Services - Primerica

Michael Burnett, Director of the Career Center

Josh Nordheim from BUHS, Student Rotarian in waiting (as soon as the school notifies us officially)

Kevin Curry visiting Rotarian from Connecticut


Happy Birthday to Booie, if you see her, sing to her. :-)


CAAAAHDS - $11 million… oops Ed stands corrected, it is $11 dollars.  8 of Hearts! It’s in the deck! You LOSE LOSERS!


Bowl of Life: This Rotarian bought a house that another Rotarian’s husband used to play in as a child: Lissa guesses Jim V, who guesses Tristam, who guesses Josh T, who guesses Sadie, who guesses Cindy. It was Cindy! Bought Curly Worden’s house, Mike Fitzgerald (Lisa’s husband) used to play there as a child.


Induction of Josh Goldberg in to our Club. Welcome Josh! Josh gave us a brief bio of himself. Lives in Chesterfield with his wife Amy and two daughters, Amelia and Madeline. 



KJ - the monthly Board minutes are posted to ClubRunner after they are approved.  Please take a look at them to keep informed on what is happening with the Board. If you have questions about accessing them, please contact KJ


Sandy - Good trivia night. 58 players and 4 Rotarians, $430. Next month is Meals on Wheels on October 9th. 


Josh T - Feeding Frenzy, thanks to everyone for coming out! We got $450 for the club, they gave us 50% of their revenue.  Disc golf tournament is coming along, we have a lot of sponsors and volunteers. Come on out and play, it is a fun sport that anyone can play. 


Jim V - Visioning session is September 27th at the New England House from 5-9 PM. $20 per person, buffet dinner. The bar will be a cash bar.  There is NO MORNING MEETING on September 27th.


Tristam - Coffee supply is dwindling!  Quilt project is coming along, thanks to the donors this morning. Woman on the reservation are not able to buy woman’s clothes so some of the cloth will be used to make clothing for the woman. 


Jon - the formation of the 3rd annual adventure race team! Jon, Dan, Toni and (after much deliberation and many applications) Bethany!  They will soliciting donations for Rescue Inc. 


Damon - Open house at BUHS (next week?) presence will be there to try to rope in some Interact folks. Three Keene High Schoo Interact participants will be there to help talk to kids.


Josh N - Yankee Candle fund raiser is going around, today is the last day


Dan - Blood drive last week, thanks to everyone for coming out and participating. No final number yet, but between 25-30 pints is estimated. 


Michelle - speakers - Toni and Marcy are coming up. 



Cindy - 2-24 anniversary - YAY!  Her son Joseph was just promoted to 2nd Lieutenant at the Tarrytown Fire department. 


Valerie - 1-30 anniversary - YAY!  Climate change conference last week, over 500 attendees!  Mike Burnett, for all the work he does.


Josh - $10 for the club! A group of action, the amount of things this club is involved in is humbling and exciting. 


Kevin - Fine for anyone who doesn’t have their pin on today. For the best travel agent in the country! Competed against some of the bigger travel agents in the country and our own Lisa Fitzgerald won! 


Michelle - for everyone who showed up for Fish and Chips and for her husband for shipping her off to NYC to shoe shop!


Debra C - very successful Vermont financial services meeting last night, has a rep that got licensed yesterday and her granddaughter who broke her arm, not as bad as first thought, so that is the good news. 


Kevin C - happy to back and to visit this club. Son is going to tour Dartmouth for the second time. If everything works out maybe he’ll be able to visit us more! 


Club assembly: we will break out in to groups/committees and discuss what the committees do and how folks can help.