November 6 Rotary Meeting
Thanks to Greeter
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Marcy Caulkins
Next weeks scribe – Toni Ciampaglione
This week Speaker – Will Shakespeare
Next week Speaker –  Sandy Shriver
This Day In History
1860- Abraham Lincoln is elected 16th president of the United States.
1861- Jefferson Davis is elected to a six-year term as president of the Confederacy.
1911- Maine becomes a dry state.
1973- Coleman Young becomes the first African-American mayor of Detroit, Michigan.
Rotary Minute
In 1955, the Rotary Club of Brattleboro helped to fund the rope tow of what is now the heart of the ski hill at Living Memorial Park.
Guests - Ruben Garza, from the United Way
Anniversaries & Birthdays
-No Birthdays!
-Rota-versary, Tristam Johnson, November 11, 20 Years!!
Kevin - Project Feed, not all drop off locations are ready, but we are responsible for Price Chopper, Dottie’s, and the Co-op.  Might not need to do PC on Mondays.  Need to separate food by donation location, but Dotties and co-op can be together.  Deliver to Food Works at the former Domino’s building on Canal st between noon and 4 or 4:30.  We already have volunteers on most pick up days.  If you can’t do pick ups on your day, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
Katya- tickets are available for our New Year’s Eve bash.  They will be $65/each early bird pricing through the end of November, then price will go up to $75.  Benefits Boys and Girls Club.  Tickets will be available at Cota and Cota
Josh T. - Chuck for Charity is wrapping up.  We raised $6400 to be split between the two clubs.  Many thanks to all our sponsors.  
Mona - 2 volunteers needed at the Food Bank Sat 11/9, from 9-12.  Monday 11/18 will be our first overflow shelter dinner.  
Jason - keep selling dinner raffle tickets
Jim V. - board meeting tomorrow at 7:15
Student Rotarians
(scribe’s note - apologies for being distracted by a sign up sheet during this segment) Our students from Hinsdale had a successful farm day, raising $2000 in the morning alone.  Also looking forward to a Harlem Globetrotters game this weekend
Cards  4 of spades, you lose, losers
Damon - had some running brags again, for student rotarian Maggie who will be competing in cross county in CT.  And for son Torin who finished 7th overall at a recent meet, and took 4 seconds off his PR in one of his events
Nick - celebrated his 1-9 yesterday
Mona - for her gransdon born last week
Michelle - went to CT to see her daughter sworn into the Bar
Cindy - Sisters on the Fly participating in Luggages of Love, creating suitcases full of women’t supplies for women’s shelters
KJ- for all who helped with Trivia Night, and a reminder to always say that kind word, you never know who might need it
Katya - for trivia night as well.  
Kevin - is feeling the love, but still fines everyone for not wearing a pin.  Also brag for grandson Wyatt’s first haircut
Guest Speaker
Our own Will Shakespeare, talking about retirement and his approach to it.
Will advises to start thinking about retirement now.  Do you plan on downsizing? Moving?  When Will and his wife thought about this, they decided to come up with a “values list” (as in, what do they value, and what values do they want to live by).
They decided they wanted to stay living in Vermont.  Their kids live in Brooklyn and they wanted them to have a place to escape to.  They also wanted to provide the “storybook adventure” opportunity for grandchildren.
They realized they didn’t want to downsize at all, and have maintained the farm, which started with chickens.  After all, retirement is NOT for doing nothing.
Staying healthy was important, and farm living and some amount of self sufficiency was important for that.
Last year, they expanded into the Air BnB world.  So far, they have had 18 visitors at “Shakespeare’s Folly Side Farm”, and have received 5 star reviews from all of them.
Bottom line: Will says - don’t fear retirement, think of it as being 16 again.
4 Way Test
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned