Upcoming scribe & speaker:
Mona Williams Scribe 10/16
Jason Posternak Speaker 10/16
This Day in History:
0028- The Temple of Apollo is dedicated on the Palatine Hill in Rome.
1779- The Luddite riots being in Manchester, England in reaction to machinery for spinning cotton
1949- Harvard Law School begins admitting women
Rotary Minute:
Most Remote Rotary Club – Which Rotarians have to travel farthest for a makeup meeting? You are right if you guessed the 34 members of the Rotary Club of Papeete, Tahiti, which is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is the club that is most remote from any other
Student Rotarians (Hinsdale):
Recent financial aid night for college bound students, Many of the club and committees are chaired by our own student Rotarians!, Saturday is Farm Day at Hinsdale High School complete with haunted hay ride.
Anniversaries & Birthdays:
Sandy Shriver 22 years a Rotarian!
10/6 Happy Birthday Bob Fagelson
-Monday is Trivia Night
-Disc Golf Tournament is this Sunday
-Oct is the month for the nominating committee to pick upcoming officers for the club
-Pints for Polio moved to November with a Halloween costume donation element
-3 volunteers are needed to sort food from 9-noon at the VT Food Bank behind Members 1st Credit Union this weekend
-$7000 raised so far in sponsorships for the disc golf tournament, a big thanks to our sponsors and to those who got our sponsors
-Alex Shriver has is license!
-NEYT has a new SNL style show coming up, go see it
-Raffle tickets are still available for the Rescue, Inc. car raffle
-Sat the 19th is the next Adventure Race, join in
-Proxy brag for Deb: Thanks for all the help with the garden last weekend
-Ali went to visit her mom after successful surgery and survived her time with the rents!
-Ali thanked all the Rotarians that pitch in to help with everything and is thankful for it being burgundy day today at Rotary
-Cindy is heading camping in her new camper with Sisters on the Fly, go visit at the Rutland Fairgrounds!
Sandy Shriver won $22,000 dollars aka $22!
Guest Speaker:
The Creepatorium 2018 video was amazing, they work from Summer to Halloween day to get their Halloween display ready for action. COME CHECK IT OUT THIS YEAR! 5 years running.,,,
Gargoyles, pumpkin heads, and skeletons run by shiatsu massage motors……..:-)