Thank you to our Magnanimous Greeter:  KJ
Scribe for next week:  Marcy Caulkins
Next week Speaker:      Will Shakespeare
This Day in History:
Oberlin Collegiate Institute in Lorian County, Ohio becomes the first college in the U.S. to admit female students.
John L. Baird performs first TV broadcast of moving objects.
H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds is broadcast over the radio by Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre. Many panic believing it is an actual newscast about a Martian invasion.
The "Rumble in the Jungle," a boxing match in Zaire that many regard as the greatest sporting event of the 20th century, saw challenger Muhammad Ali knock out previously undefeated World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman.
BET Holdings Inc., becomes the first African-American company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
Rotary Minute
Josh on Membership:
We have a really fun club.  However we got so popular we kind of got out of the habit of bringing in guests and trying to build it. Natural attrition does decrease numbers.
Let’s have everybody bring a buddy sometime in the next 6 months. (We don't want just a warm body after 2 beers – try to bring someone you think would be an asset to the club)
Ed Dews – October 31
Rotary Anniversaries:
Bethany Martin – 4 years, October 16, 2019
Debbie Cox – 2 Years, October 25, 2019
O'Keefe, Erin Maile – 3 years, November 2
Ciampaglione, Toni – 19 years, November 1, 2000
Damon Kindopp – 19 years, November 1, 2000
Guest Introductions: Damon introducing Steve Perrin from BUHS, our guest speaker.
Josh introducing his lovely daughter Ayla.
In the deck. You LOSE losers.
Ed Dews: If anyone is late you owe .50 cents because of the time change.
KJ:  3 on 3 contact sheets are being handed out. Previous donors on those sheets, update them if you know something about this or add on additional sponsor ideas and hand in next week.
Tristam:   He has only 4 bags of special coffee left but nobody likes whole bean so he will grind them at the coop for us and bring next week.
Katja:  New Year’s Eve party is on the road. Diane Mona and Stacey are joining her in organizing what will be a 1920’s New Year’s Eve party. There will be a silent auction and great food. Profits will go to Boys and Girls Club of Brattleboro.
Mona:   Overflow shelter meals we are doing are going to be once a month. First sign up is for 11/18. We need food to be dropped off by 530-6. Our first meal will be pasta, salad. And we need 3 gallons of milk to serve up to 34 people. Nobody gets turned away. Stay away from the spices. Low barrier shelter. If you are bringing a child or teen, you should know that there might be people on substances who don't want to interact with you. Need 3-4 people once a month to do serving and clean up.
This is the last year it will be at Austine School. They are building a new facility at the Austine center that should be up and running.
Ali:   brought her laminator if people want to laminate their posters
Tom Franks:  Official rotary Thank You’s are in the box. If you have a reason to thank someone for a rotary donation, you can give them an official thank you.
Kevin:   Project Feed the Thousands. Locations are Dotties, Price Chopper and the Coop. Groceries are now being delivered to Foodworks, the former Domino’s on Canal St. Christine, the new director of Foodworks, or Kevin, can be called if you get into a pinch.
Toni:   Date for 3 on 3 is 3/21. It will be the 24th annual. Checking in on Raffle Tix – She is appreciating if you hand them in as you go, it makes it easier. Discussion about platform sales has begun.
Diane:   Trivia is Monday night. Proceeds go to $5 Ski Hill.
Justin: $5 for cardiologists. Tristan Toleno had a mild heart attack on Sunday. He stayed in the hospital for a couple of days. Cleared out an artery blockage, had a stint put in and is just fine and healing. He wanted us all to know that he is doing well.
Jim Maxwell: The Reformer Article about Polio Eradication by Rotary merits a fine for everyone of a dollar.
Marcy: Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN. She is in the home stretch. Go!
Chris Stoner: His baby Daughter was born 10/2! Everyone is happy and healthy.
Mona: Her son and his girlfriend are in labor. There will be a new baby boy by the end of the day!
Damon: Feeling good about RUNNING! Maggie St. John, student rotarian, qualified to move onto another running race. Torrin – amazing runner! His teammate Jake won!
Tom Franks: Doesn't run. His wife tho, ran the cape cod marathon on Saturday and almost was sub 2 but she didn't cut the corners.
Josh: Last minute Ayla joined a soccer tournament team and had a great time. Go AYLA!
KJ: Go see American Gothic, Jen Moyse, her son and husband and Staci Leffel’s husband are phenomenal.
Dan: apologizing for the cards debacle last week. WE are letting it go.
Erin: 2500 people came out to the tiny house festival in Sugarbush last weekend. The resort was incredibly staffed and she loved the support but it wasn't downtown Brattleboro. 60 presenters on 3 stages. 26 tiny houses. Art installations. A shopping cart arch was the entrance to the village. Speed design reviews were available from architects and designers. Two 9 yo girls both had designs for tiny houses with popsicle stick houses sitting with the two featured architects from Montreal. Huge success despite pelting rain for the 3rd year in a row! Now she needs to rest. Next year it will be in Brattleboro.
Guest Speaker:
Steve Perrin, Principal of BUHS
What was your most impactful educational experience K-12? Discuss amongst your table for 30 seconds… It is the relationship with the teacher that matters! He started there as a science teacher in 1995. His constant battle is to remind everyone that change is good. The school needs to keep adjusting to the times that are a changing. Physical Plant – the Facility is kept very well and are considered the crown jewel of all schools in district. Cafeteria was renovated, flooring was replaced there and in the gym. Athletic complex and track have been redone and are gorgeous. The field is going to be synthetic turf despite debate. And there is a new softball field where they are now hosting soccer games as well.  
Programming – math, science, social studies, art, foreign language, AP courses, dual credit courses – courses at the high school can also give you credit at partner colleges. Lots of high school students now can graduate with 16-20 college credits.
4 years ago they launched interspace academies – STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Math), Visual and Performing Arts, and International Studies. Many of these include career center courses. Such a great addition. LNA program was launched too (nurses), a cyber security strand was launched too.  Maybe Josh Goldberg will teach it?
Faculty - There has been lots of turnover, a young faculty, average age was 75 now it is late 20’s. The student teacher relationship is key. There has been a focus on how to champion students and build better relationships. Leaning into the unmet needs of students, a trauma – informed community. So that all students, regardless of their home context, receive predictability, structure and safety at school. Proficiency based instruction is no longer it. Interact club plug…
President Jimmy V ends the meeting with the 4 way test.
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build good will and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial for all concerned?
Respectfully submitted by Debra Rosenzweig