October 2 Rotary Meeting
Thanks to Greeter Thanks Josh Goldberg Volunteer for next weeks Greeter
Who is scribe + Speaker https://www.brattleborosunriserotary.org/sitepage/newsletter-scribe
This week scribe – Josh Traeger Next weeks scribe – Josh Unruh
This week Speaker – Erin Maile-O’Keefe- Invited Abby Mnookin with 350.org
Next week Speaker – Michelle Pong says Marcy is her guest - Halloween Prep Presentation
This Day In History https://www.historynet.com/today-in-history 1950 The comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schultz, makes its first appearance in newspapers.
1959 The groundbreaking TV series The Twilight Zone, hosted by Rod Serling, premiers on CBS.
1964 Scientists announce findings that smoking can cause cancer.
1967 Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court justice, is sworn in.
Rotary Minute https://rotary1.org/101-things-about-rotary/ Rotary Council on legislation has the responsibility of considering and acting upon all “enactments,” which are proposed changes in the Rotary International Bylaws and Constitution and Standard Rotary Club Constitution. Proposals may be submitted by any Rotary club, district or the RI board. The council’s actions are subject to review by all the Rotary clubs of the world before they become final. If 10 percent of the voting strength of the clubs oppose a council action, such legislation is suspended and it is submitted to all the clubs for a final vote.
Guests Erin introduces nephew -Dylan Kyle and Abby Mnookin, and Kevin KJ- sasses president and refuses to welcome student Rotarians Student Rotarians Maggie - Hinsdale Audrey- Hinsdale - Junior
Alena- BUHS- Junior Hazel- BUHS - Junior Sara- BUHS- Junior Conrad- Windham Regional - Senior Elijah- Windham Regional - Junior Don’t forget to sign their sheets
-Board Meeting Tomorrow
-Trivia Monday Oct 14th - we need more volunteers and please put up posters - benefits Company of Muses Dance Scholarship
-Sale of Coffee- raises money for a scholarship and work exchange program - buy more coffee from Tristam - $12 a bag -Thanks for supporting a future leader
-Rotary Romp - Monday October 7th - meet at 5pm Rotary Romp activity and then come back at 6pm for dinner and drinks
-Toni- Email from Dr. Bob says hello and thanks for the card. His son Adam moved back to town which has been wonderful.
-Garden work time Sunday October 6th at 9am, 10am, 11am - 6 bags of mulch donated by Josh Unruh and Leader Home Center
-Rotary Disc Golf - Josh Goldberg-coming up Sunday Oct 13th, great crew of volunteers
-Ali- Pre-pay invoices
-This day in history two years ago
Cards -You lose losers
-Mona- brags for Sadie for her wonderful performance -Damon- for Elm City Rotary Club- Clarence De Mar Half Marathon and full marathon and kids marathon, super seniors - 500 volunteers, 1000 runners , Jen Moyse and Damon -Michelle - 3 brags first two brags for Rotarians - one for Josh Unruh- who was selected by Vermont Business Magazine- as one of Vermonts Rising Starts- for young professionals out of 250 folks- for 40 under 40 as entrepreneur award. For Lisa Fitzgerald- for being a great travel agent- Michelle is going to Italy!! ( Have a great trip!)
And for her daughter for passing the bar!
-KJ- Brags for Hungry Lion bike tour. Many miles biked by group through the green mountains- many mountains were climbed .  Raised over $2K for Whitingham- Halifax Lions Club Adventure Race -Marcy -$1 Halloween is coming and Marcy will be our guest speaker for next week
-Rich- Out in Yellowstone- Grizzlies and Buffaloes engaged in some sort of a dance of nature. Believe it didn’t end well for the bison. ◦ 2month birthday of my grandson
-Cindy- Welcome Student Rotarians. Windham Grows - Wins an Award VBC - thanks to Jim Verizon and he has lead the way
-Jon Secrest - Unfortunately having some issues with his ear and hearing. ( We all hope it heals quickly).
Hungry Lion ride - 75miles great ride but last riders 8:30-4:30 of riding - 6,200 feet of elevation - it was hard but we made it.
Daughter Alena - started hear when she was 6months year old - she has been ◦
-Josh Traeger - brags for Abby Mnookin and commuting by bike year round
-Kevin- brags for student Rotarians and returning members coming back
Speaker ◦-Abby Mnookin with 350 Vermont ◦ 350.org ◦-Teacher, Antioch, Past Director of Brattleboro Time Trade, Past VPR Commentator, Teachs Vermont Wilderness School Rise in CO2 Above 400 parts per million Www.350vt.org
Mission Statement of Organization  -350Vermont organizes, educates, and supports people in Vermont to work together for climate justice – resisting fossil fuels, building momentum for alternatives, and transforming our communities toward justice and resilience.
Core Values 1. We are bold, collaborative, and resourceful; we have to be. In all that we do, we’re committed to balancing the urgency of the moment with an intentionality that calls for true partnership. 2. We are committed to inclusivity; we strive to always learn and grow. We seek to elevate and celebrate diversity in our work and continue to center the many ways we’re each impacted by climate change based on the identities we hold and the resources we have at our disposal.
3. We are story-based and relationship-based; we need a nourishing and inviting movement. We believe that listening to and sharing authentic stories can be a powerful source of inspiration and healing, helping us connect to ourselves, each other, and the planet.
We passed 350 PP million in 1990s and that is a safe amount- we are trying to reduce this number
-It comes from fossil fuels and deforestation -How can we keep it to go below 1 degree
We are seeing the effects of Climate change
-Sea ice melting -Massive decline of insects
Intense report - 12 years to stop climate catastrophe- CNN report
Greta Thunberg- “I want you to act as if your house is on fire”
Ways to make Change: 1. Reform- working within the current system
A. Go to the statehouse - with Mother Up- letters for change B. Our youngest speaker was 8 years old C. Children, parents and families are a powerful force to reach out D. Working with the select board - sustainability coordinator hired
2. Resist
-Sept 20th Climate March - approximately 1000 people here in Brattleboro- worker strikes, school strikes and townspeople - worked with the police department in advance to make for a safe march -Also take part in national marches - support people with buses -Most recent action with Coal Fired Power Plant to shut it down- Bucket by Bucket - In New Hampshire. 69 people arrested. Told police department in advance - to make for safe protest. Homeland and police department -Bank Solidarity protest - for investments into oil pipeline -Highway banner protest to raise awareness - stop business as usual -Die-Ins- youth led protest to make situations uncomfortable to tell people business as usual is not ok - we need to make a change
3. Reimagine
-Write for Climate Change- we meet up on Fridays and write letters - All issues connect to climate Change -Reading Books to check out; Hope in the Dark , Active Hope, Sacred Instructions, Emerging strategies
4. Recreate
-Standing Rock - big family, small village - 10,000 people there to protest pipeline that was going to be built on native lands -Mother up - meets monthly at Kidsplayce - shared meal -Climate Mass Bike ride - last Friday every month - 200 riders - kids to adults - youngest age 5 - Whose Streets Our Streets
-VBike - educational outreach for biking -Edible Brattleboro - Food for all -Rich Earth - collect Urine and use it for fertilizers -Restore it - Storing Carbon in the Soil -350.org helps support these organizations -Www.350vt.org -Tristam- Climate Ride that did east to west coast ride
Anniversaries & Birthdays Birthdays
Moyse, Jen Oct 01
Rotary Anniversaries Date Joined Rotary Deb Rosenzweig 3 years on October 5, 2016.
4 Way Test 1. Is it the truth 2. Is it fair to all concerned 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships 4. Is it beneficial to all concerned