Rotary Weekly Newsletter
A.K.A. Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Rag
DATE: Wednesday, October 3, 2018
GREETER: Jim Maxwell
            NEXT GREETER: Turner
SCRIBE: Tom scrambled to fill in for Turner, who had no idea he was up next. (I guess reading the newsletter is a smart defensive move, whether you’re here or not. –TF)
  • Future Scribes
    • 10/10 – Katja Matthews
    • 10/17 – Jim Maxwell
    • 10/24 – Erin O’Keefe

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet” (Attribution pending finding of President Marcy’s notes.)
  • On this day in 1932 – Iraq gained independence from Great Britain
  • On this day in 1967 – Woody Guthrie died
  • On this day in 1863 – President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens," to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November. Thomas Jefferson was opposed to the prayer component
  • Erin introduced Chris Stoner, in the field of finance, recently moved to his spouse’s home town and interested in Rotary; and Sebastion Mitre, a mural painter attending the Marlboro MBA program who grew up in Mexico City
  • Kevin expanded his range of services for hire to include surrogate introductions of the guest speaker, Stephanie Gale Maynard, Director of Development and Community Investment at United Way of Windham County and compatriot Cody, Americore staffer
  • Toni introduced three student Rotarians: Danny Roberts, Hinsdale HS senior, soccer, track & field, and college search; Maggie St. John, Hinsdale HS junior, cross counry; Devi Ethier, BUHS junior, field hockey; and our exchange student Lucy Gacic from Croatia.
  • Marcy – The board meeting is tomorrow (10/4) 7:15pm at WKVT
  • Josh T – The disc golf tournament is Sunday, 10/14. Volunteers and participants encouraged.
  • Dan, master of food service – He is seeking an assistant against the possibility (probability?) that things go horribly wrong in the Adventure Race (see Jon brag below), volunteers, and contributions of supplies. A signup sheet was circulated.
  • Tristam – The coffee shop is open and down to the end of the shipment. Get yours before it’s gone.
  • Sadie – Circulating community service log and encouraging rapid movement through the meeting this morning.
  • Sandy – Trivia night coming up on the second Monday (10/8). Asks that the regular volunteers inform him if they will not be participating, encourages other volunteers, and note this month’s proceeds benefit the Strolling of the Heiffers.
  • Kevin – Next meeting of the by-laws committee is 10/12. He also noted that that episode 10 of Rotary Cares is up (he will send a link) and is available on Youtube.
  • Erin – Bragged for Team Pergola and the assistance of Will and Debra. 62 volunteers participated over 3 weeks.
  • Damon – Announced that Elena Barron, former member, was married last weekend.
  • Bob Fagelson, not present
  • Jen Moyse, absent last week. Bravely wore all three hats. A stunning rendition of the classic by Kevin, Will, Jon, Turner and Jim.
CARDS: Raised $14 for the club since the seven of diamonds was in the deck.  YLL
  • Sadie – Bragged for a local performance of Florian Zeller’s “The Father” at the Actors Theater Playhouse running Fridays and Saturdays through 10/13.
  • Will – Kudos to Erin as both the inspiration and a major motive power for the pergola project. He is “impressed by her organization and commitment.”
  • Debra – Ditto, highlighting the way she “organized with generosity of heart and spirit.”
  • Marcy – Ditto
  • Damon – Your weekly fix of running dispatches; 1) Running of the Clarence DeMar Marathon and Half Marathon, one of the oldest in New England. Damon set a personal record of 1:31:03, fourth in his division and 13th overall in the half. 2) The Keene boys competed in Northfield and bested 15 other teams. 4) As a freshman competing against all classes, Torin is fourth in the state overall
  • Jon – 1) Lithuania 100 event celebrating 100 years of the restoration of Lithuania, will be celebrated on 10/21 between 1pm and 5pm at Camp Neringa in Marlboro. 2) Team Bruisers, named in honor of Bethany, is seeking pledges for this fund raiser for Rescue, Inc. A pledge sheet is circulated. The team is Bethany, Dan, Jon, and potentially Jen.
  • Tristam – A brag for the great work and focus on evaluation of RI, on whose behalf he will be traveling to Honduras in support of a potable water project in the remote southeast corner of the country and work-force readiness project for at risk youth in Tegucigalpa.
  • Allie – For her baby girl that turned 20.
  • Josh – All of Rotary for the way that people show up and do the job. Special mention of Ed for doing the same job every week, forever as far as anyone can recall.
  • Mona – To Cota & Cota for their outstanding grill support services at the softball tournament. They came out twice to address issues. The grill squad served over 300 burgers, 100 dogs, and 150 breakfast sandwiches to family, friend and spectators for the 11 teams that participated (numerical errors attributable to the scribe).
GUEST SPEAKER:  Kevin introduced Stephanie Gale Maynard, United Way of Windham County (“UWWC”)
  • Stephanie recently joined United Way, coming from Youth Services where she was involved with the restorative justice program (a great program –TF) and previously served the United Way of Franklin County (Greenfield, MA) in comparable position to her present.
  • Noted that UWWC is celebrating “60 Super Years”
  • Described HOPE initiative, a collaborative community impact approach
    • Health - Improving people's health and well being
    • Opportunity - Building skills and capacity among people and organizations to connect and engage
    • Prosperity - Promoting financial stability and independence
    • Education - Helping adults, children, and youth to achieve their potential
  • UWWC gave grants to 7 agencies supporting 13 programs
  • UWWC other programs include
    • VITA – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
    • Windham County Smiles – Provides dentures, notes that since no dentists in the county accept Medicaid, there is a great need.
    • Day of Caring – In its 9th year on one day about 50 -60 volunteers contributed over 150 hours on one day to improve the capacity of local organizations, e.g. infrastructure improvement as compared with direct service
    • VT 211 referral service
    • FamilyWise – discount prescription medication program
  • 99% of funds stay in Windham County
  • UWWC is active recruiting members for the HOPE initiative, especially the Health and Prosperity teams
  • Q&A
    • Erin – the arrival of the orange-shirted Day of Caring volunteers to help with the pergola project was “an awesome sight” and much appreciated.
The meeting was adjourned with the recitation of the Four Way Test:
Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to All Concerned?
Will it Build Goodwill and Better Friendships?  And ...
Will it be Beneficial to All Concerned?
Respectfully* Submitted by Tom -- standing in for Turner
(*Disclaimer: Accuracy of this newsletter falls under President Marcy’s presidential jurisdiction and this scribe claims neither fault nor consequence for any errors or omissions, inadvertent or otherwise.)