President Jim started her the meeting with this day in History…......  

1835 - Texans officially proclaim independence from Mexico, and calls itself the Lone Star Republic, until its admission to the Union in 1845.

1914 - The brassiere, invented by Caresse Crosby, is patented.

1940 - U.S. Supreme Court rules in Hansberry v. Lee that African Americans cannot be barred from white neighborhoods.

1956 - The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously strikes down two Alabama laws requiring racial segregation on public buses.

1970 - A powerful tropical cyclone strikes the Ganges Delta region of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), causing an estimated half-million deaths in a single night; the Bhola cyclone is regarded as the worst natural disaster of the 20th century.

Change in Streaking policy voted by board. No fine for steaking. However, there is a $5 fine if the streaker does NOT say something to the speaker ahead of time.
Katja warmly greeted us this morning and next week will be Mona.
 GUEST SPEAKERS:  Rob Szpila, Grace Szpila, Alex Shriver, Padma Mendelsund, and Sophie Mikijaniec
 Interfaith Youth Group: Trip to South Dakota Indian Reservations
Each person paid for their own travel and basic fees, but the group had also fundraised to be able to pay for other travel costs and for the materials needed to run the camp for a week. They spent two days in Pine Ridge visiting Wounded Knee and projects supported by Rotary before the trip, and then traveled and camp at Standing Rock to learn about the Dakota pipeline and ongoing environmental concerns.
Before the arrival of the Simply Smiles organization 10 years ago to La Plant, the town was one of the poorest and most isolated in the United States. The winters are harsh and the options for employment are few. The nearest grocery store or gas station is almost an hour away and an interstate highway goes through the middle of the sparse homes. Since 2009 the Simply Smiles, with help each year from Brattleboro locals and other volunteer groups from around the nation, have built a horseshoe pit and playground, renovated a community center and constructed homes for local families. This year the group's efforts focused on the children and the painting of a mural. Some 65 children were picked up each day from the surrounding hills to come and play basketball and Frisbee, to bake cupcakes and do crafts, to sing and read books, and the group of 20 from Brattleboro was there from July 4 to 13. Two other groups, one from Connecticut and the other from a Cherokee high school in Nebraska, were there the same week to help.
This year, they meet up with In Sight Photography professor John Willis on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He has developed deep relationships there with artists and activists whom he introduced to the group. He also traveled north to meet the group at the site of the Standing Rock protest after the week in La Plant.
  1. Katja- New Year’s Eve party tickets are available, all proceeds go to The Boys & Girls of Brattleboro
  2. Mona- created a community service binder filled with sign-up sheets for our events that we have committed to. The binder will be available at each meeting to help with the process.
  3.  Jon - hosting the Holiday Party on Sunday December 15th at 5:30, details to come.  
  4. Kevin – Project Feed pick-ups are happening, have 1 day that needs coverage Dec 20th.
  5. KJ- December 9th Trivia Night at 6:30, Big Brothers, Big Sisters is the charity sponsor.
  • Football team won the state championships game, first time in 56 years.
  • Pre-season Nordic has begun
  • Basketball and IBL try outs are starting
  • Finished fundraising for prom, not sure how much they raised but it was enough so that it won’t have to be in the gym.
BIRTHDAYS:    no birthdays                             
ANNIVERSARIES:   Mona – 2 years on 11/15
CARDS:  3 of Diamonds.… no winner~ YOU LOSE, LOSERS!!!!
Rob: bragged for our club for the disc golf tournament
KJ: bragged $5 for spending Sunday with 112 veterans from WW II, Vietnam and the Korean wars. It was a reunion for last year’s Honor Flight.
Damon: bragged the transition from fall to winter sports. They were in Wickham Park last weekend where Torin took 35th out 260 boys at the New England Championship.
John Mabie: bragged for their daughter Lauren who on Sunday did her ruck march to bring awareness to the veteran suicide rate. The march was up in White River Junction this year and 10-12 people participated.
Katja: bragged for Rob and the students and the great presentation, she also bragged for Will’s presentation last week which she enjoyed very much. 
Sandy: dollar-less, bragged for the BUHS boys’ soccer team that won 2 playoff games and made it to the D1 semi-final game.   
Turner: bragged for last Wednesday, he and Kay traveled to Michigan and managed to come back in a snowstorm that created multiple delays along the way.
Will: bragged for his son Nick’s visit home and how thrilled with life he is as storyboard artist in NYC. Currently working on Sesame Street, life is good.