Posted on Jul 10, 2019
Minutes Meeting 7-10-2019

President Jim started the meeting at 7:15am

Who is next weeks scribe – Jim Maxwell 
Who is greeter next week - Katja Matthews
This Day In History
1778 In support of the American Revolution, Louis XVI declares war on England.  
1850 Millard Fillmore is sworn in as the 13th president of the United States following the death of Zachary Taylor.        
1890 Wyoming becomes the 44th state.
1985 Coca-Cola Co. announces it will resume selling "old formula Coke,", aka “coke classic” following a public outcry and falling sales of its "new Coke."
Rotary Minute
The Rotary Foundation was created in 1917 as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world." It has grown from an initial contribution of US$26.50 to more than US$1billion. It has one of the largest and most prestigious international fellowship programs in the world.
Debra introduces her daughter Shoshana (Spelling?) and Rich Hoppe, her insurance agent and soon to be newest member of our club

Josh T.: “Chuck for Charity”  on Sunday, October 13th (Columbus / Indigenous Day weekend). Disc Golf Tournament. Mark your calendars. We can teach you how to play before the event. See Josh.
Mona: Lucy made it home safely to Croatia
Jim: Jon Seacrest is away – Sandy will check the mail for two weeks
Jim: card from Windham Regional Career Center to Dan and Mary-Jane
Board Meeting tomorrow 7:15am at American Legions
Jim will not be here for couple of weeks – Cindy will fill in for those meetings.

Welcome Center Event is next Sunday, July 21!!
Everyone is required to either volunteer, bring goods or donate money so somebody else can buy/ make something. If you cannot come, you have to make/bring something – it’s everybody’s responsibility to chip in. Please.
Sunday is not the best day for traffic, as it is going North and most people will go South that day.

Katja signed up for chair of event. My cell is 1-207-641-3729
Consider home baked goods and temperatures on what to bring? Fresh fruit, gluten free products, bagels, cream cheese, donuts, maybe hard boiled eggs. Don’t bring any fruit pies, hard to eat as finger food.
where is the donation box?? Posters and Rotary flag to bring.
Volunteers to wear their t-shirts. If you don’t have a t-shirt, we have more downstairs.

Signup sheet will go out today - thank you Sadie.
Volunteers so far: Ally, Debra, Mona, Turner

What hours are reasonable 8am-3pm?? If we start at 8am, we need set up for 7am sharp
Early crew volunteer: Katja, Will and Mona

Need coffee right away as brewing takes a while.
Need extension cords!! Bring an extra coffee urn. Maybe we take from Tristan, we can take from here coffee urn/ can get wholesale coffee from Legion. Check next Wednesday with American L. Tristan will contribute that for us.
Mona offered to have you drop off things at her house before. Her telephone: 1- 802-380-9974
address 311 Maple Street, Brattleboro – Diagonally across from Austine School. You can drop off paper goods there during the day, but for perishables coordinate with her. Water and no perishables can also be brought to next week’s meeting.

Birthday: Sandy Shriver for his June b-day

Cards: no winner this week

Josh T. for US women’s team to winning the World Cup for second consecutive time.
Will: 35th wedding Anniversary!! Thankful for the family and kids and being in Brattleboro.
Marcy: $1 Fine herself for not doing minutes from last week. Will send ASAP
$1 for a long weekend for July 4th and they went up to Maine/Wells Beach. Great time there!!
Nick: Today he has a tee time where he will be using golf boards instead of golf carts? Where to put your beverage?? He will let us know.
Tristam: For the second year invited to Lakota Dance Ceremony. Sundance ceremony lasts from Sun to Sun. Annual time to focus on community. Will eave Fri. Will learn more about their culture and is really excited about the trip. Enjoy!
Kevin: for Tristan Toleno, for being here alive and healthy. Welcome back to Rotary
Debra: for Christine, not here today. She helped Debra on July 4th in the Rotary garden. Felt grateful to get to know her while beautifying the garden. Also will do Rotary Garden this coming Saturday at 8am – anyone wants to join!!
Bethany: Anybody wants to go Deep-sea Fishing?? Can we get together before end of summer?? Who is interested?

New member:
Kevin to introduce Rich Hoppe (in matching outfits!!). The newest member in the world of Rotary.
Rich to speak about himself: Kevin has been very gently pushing him to join since 4 years. He was an active member of the afternoon club for 10 years. He is very much looking fwd to be part of our club.
Rich is married to Karen, his amazing wife, working for Berkley & Veller. She is his world, also has 2 daughters, Danielle lives in Colorado, Meghan is 19 and attends 2nd year in college in Maine.
He has a story: Spends as much time in Colorado as he can. He is doing a $100 brag for AML for his grandson Cooper, children usually don’t survive. Cooper spent 7 months in isolation in Denver hospital. During that time Rich was commuting 7 months back and forth to Colorado to be with his daughter, son in law and little Cooper. Cooper went through chemo and radiation and after being diagnosed free of AML, it came back. He went to a new hospital in Aurora. He is the first child recipient to get stemcells. He has beaten leukemia twice and underwent a heart transplant at 4 years old. Danielle is expecting again. Rich is so proud of her and her husband to have the courage to do parenthood again!! (Please forgive me if I did not cover the medical records properly)

Michelle has a speaker surprise. She is our speaker coordinator. Everyone should know when they need a speaker!! Please do not call a day before to say you don’t have a speaker. Today was Ross, who is not a member anymore. Her bet for not catching it.
She brought out cards with a name of each one of us on a card and one member will be drawn to speak instead in situations like this.
Today we heard from Chris Stoner: He and his family moved to Chesterfield/Brattleboro about 1 year ago. He is a CFP by training. Grew up in upstate NY, in a rural community. College in upstate NY. Moved to Boston, met his wife Meghan and they lived there for 10 years. Moved to seacoast of NH three years ago. Worked in Portsmouth and commuted to Boston back and forth. It was just like a suburb of Boston. His father in law is afternoon Rotarian Dave Twombley, one day they were discussing the future. Took a drive together to Walpole/ NH and Chris just said "lets do it". He left a great job in Portsmouth. They pulled the trigger and joined Dave in his company. Karen (Rich’s wife) found them a nice home in Chesterfield. Their son Will is 2 years old. He joined us  at our change over dinner this year, very handsome and very lively. Another baby is on the way. Due in October!! It will be a boy. Chris is very happy to be part of our Club. His hair gets done by: Flatter Me Salon.

Respectfully submitted by Katja Matthews