Rotary Minutes - 6/21/2017


President Damon called the meeting to order at 7:15 AM

Thank you to our greeter - Ali forgot so Ed greeted :-)

Josh will be our greeter on July 5th, after a valiant effort to try to be assigned greeter for Wednesday, June 28th THERE IS NO MEETING IN THE MORNING!


This Day in History:


1788 - The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution, originally comprising seven articles, delineates the national frame of government.


1982 - John Hinckley is found not guilty by reason of insanity for the attempted assassination of U.S. President Ronald Reagan. 


2006 - Pluto's newly discovered moons are officially named Nix & Hydra.


Changeover next week - NO MEETING WEDNESDAY MORNING! Come to Turner and Kay’s house for our changeover party.  See directions at the end of this newsletter.



Robin Rieske - guest speaker from Department of Health

Josh Goldberg - prospective member

Mike Burnett - prospective member (career center)

Nicole Barry - Ali’s daughter (and world traveler extraordinaire!)

Mike Mandrachia - noon club

Stacy Leffel - prospective member


No birthdays or anniversaries


Changeover Party at Turner and Kay’s anytime after 3 PM. Amelia is sending out a list of what people will be bringing, please take a look at the list. 


Nicole Barry is presented with a scholarship $1,500. Spent a year traveling and doing some amazing things (maybe she will come tell us her story?!)! She is headed to Skidmore to study International Affairs. 


Thank you cards from BMH for help with Touch a Truck and from Green Mountain Camp for donation AND from Groundworks for help at the Camp for a Common cause.


Rotary Romp tonight: Meet at the Marina parking lot at 5:30 and romp down the West River trail. If you’re not in to romping, you can meet at the Marina at 6:30 for refreshments. 


Brag for Brattleboro on Wheels put on by the Noon club. Share and like Brattleboro on Wheels on Facebook!  Wednesday, August 26th, Sunrise club is doing the lunch as a fundraiser.


Foundation: every Rotarian every year shoots for $100 per year, Jim will be working to get us to that mark. 


CAAAAHDS: Nicole pulls the Jack of Hearts and Jacques (who is sitting NEXT to Nicole) won!  COLLUSION! Congrats Jacques!


Bowl of life: Recently, and for the third time, met a major party candidate for President and each time this person lost.  Lisa guesses Ross Gibson DING!  Met John McCain, Michael Dukakis and John Kerry. He told the story of meeting each one, very interesting!



Lisa: survived foot surgery; daughters all came and helped her after surgery. Going to be a grandmother again (6 grandchildren). Her son just landed a job at a public school. Mike (hubby) cooked breakfast, cleaned and made sure she had her medicine, she milked it for six days!


Evelyn: Looking through Instagram and found a thank you to Rotarians for helping to eradicate Polio, signed “The World”. 


Sadie: for Evelyn, going in to 6th grade, lost her last baby tooth (pulled by the dentist, OUCH!). A lot going on at New England Youth Theatre, check out their website and go see some great shows! 10-minute play festival at Actor’s Theatre Play House, go check it out, this weekend is the last weekend. 


Josh: for daughter Ayla (who turned 7 on Sunday), who stayed at the Green Mountain Camp for Girls on Monday night in the torrential rain!  Made it through the night and wanted to stay another!


Ross: for our local Recreation Department, pool opened a day late this year, everything is fixed and looks great!  Shows what a community can do if they pull together.


Jon: Alina graduated with high honors from BAMS and starting high school next year. Aleksa just finished 6th grade and starting BAMS next year. Doing some home exchanges, it’s been a lot of fun, until the Maine couple burned down their sauna (which the Lithuanian Ambassador has called the most beautiful sauna in America). “We shall rebuild!”


Marcy: Article she saw in the Reformer for Jack Spanierman for all that he has done in High School and that he was a student Rotarian. 


Nick: $5 brag for his son’s big Pre-K graduation. Caps and sunglasses and a red carpet! Missed last week due to a fantastic conference.  Doing his first Tough Mudder next weekend!


Ali: Nicole for being awesome. Ed, thanks for greeting! Debra for getting her out gardening. Sadie for getting her out to the 10-minute plays. Jon thanks for the cat calling while Debra and Ali were working on the garden. 


Dan: Jim Verzino for presenting the awards to the High School this year. Our Student Rotarians received a lot of scholarships. Will be at the changeover party with grandchildren in tow as his daughter is getting married on Saturday. 


Lissa: her son graduated from BUHS this year with High Honors and a dual degree with Project Lead the Way, 10 kids started and only Spencer finished. He has an internship at a Web company this summer who offered to double the salary after they interviewed him. 


Damon: Torin raced on Saturday finished 5th and will be racing in the Junior Olympics regionals. Monday night was the athletic awards at Chesterfield, he received the MVP award (in absentia due to the weather). And for himself and his team who ran 116 miles in less than 20 hours, finished 11th overall and 2nd in the sub-Masters class.



Debra introduces Robin Rieske.


Robin has done three Tough Mudders, just got back from Germany where she saw Henry Winkler (and his body guards). 


Narcan is available for free if you give it to someone who has overdosed it may reverse the effects. If you give it to someone who doesn’t need it, it won’t hurt them. 


Vermont is part of the national registry for prescriptions which is now cross state lines, this will help reduce people prescription shopping.


Free place to drop off unused drugs (at Brattleboro PD). 


Free needle exchange and counseling programs to help people who are battling addiction, also a free program for people to receive methadone and other treatments. 


It is important to delay the onset of the “brain ways” that contribute to the use of opioids by delaying the use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana in our kids. 


Question the over prescription of opioids by doctors. Ask for a lesser prescription with the option to refill if needed. 


The reason we’re seeing more heroin use is because it is harder to get prescription drugs so people are turning to heroin. 


Law Enforcement is doing a lot to help and work through this issue. If you wonder why it looks like they aren’t doing anything talk to a police officer, they are probably as frustrated as you are. 


Talk to your kids about drugs!


Robin does work with the Frost/Elm/Elliott Street triangle area to help reduce the amount of drugs and increase the safety of people living in the area. They did a survey after the flood and found that people felt disconnected. Sponsored six GreenUp days, block parties, neighborhood pride groups.  Meet with landlords to try to curb the “drug houses” by explaining the DEA can seize houses to try to get landlords to police their own properties. 


Painting of telephone poles along Elliott Street, hopefully will have the street open during September gallery walk for people to view. These are painted by members of the community who have adopted the telephone poles. 


Vermont had 109 OD deaths last year, New Hampshire had over 500. This difference has to do with Vermont activating people to deal with this epidemic sooner than New Hampshire and other states. 


Schedule of Narcan distribution locations will be sent at a later time. 



Directions to Kay and Turner

1716 Thomas Hill Road





Follow route 9 west to South Road (8.7 miles from I91 Exit 2).  South Road is a left hand turn; you will come to it after you pass the Marlboro elementary school and there is a sign to Marlboro College and also to Marlboro.  There is a cemetery on your left.


Follow South Road two miles to Lucier.  Go the full two miles, do not take Ames Hill Road which turns left across from the Whetstone Inn. At two miles, the paved road curves right to continue on to Marlboro College (there is a sign for the college there) – veer left (straight) to follow Lucier, a gravel/dirt road, for two miles.  Watch for oncoming cars and for the sharp left hand curve which almost touches an old white farmhouse.


Lucier ends at a 90 degree intersection with Thomas Hill Road.


After you turn right we are on your immediate left – Welcome!