Rotary Minutes - 5/31/2017


President Damon called the meeting to order at 7:15 AM

Thank you to our greeter KJ - Thanks to Josh for volunteering for next week. 


This Day in History

1790 - The Copyright Act of 1790 was the first federal copyright act to be instituted

1859 - The clock tower at the Houses of Parliament, which houses Big Ben, starts keeping time. 

1929 - The first talking Mickey Mouse cartoon, "The Karnival Kid", is released.


Rotary Project of the Week: “India - Health care costs keep on increasing. If talented students from socially and economically “backward” communities are trained and supported to become doctors, they will give back to society they came, which will allow socially and economically “backward” peoples to have access to affordable healthcare.


Project is to create 10 Doctors every year from socially and economically “backward” students.  We will select students based on their 10th marks and motivate them to take medicine as profession and help them to clear NEET exam. They should be able to get seat based on merit in government medical colleges.”


Guest Speakers:  5/31 - Jim M.; 6/7 - Michelle; 6/14 - Jason; 6/21 - Debra; 6/28 is Change Over;


Guest introductions:

Cindy from Noon club.

Josh Goldberg - prospective member

Bethany (not a guest, she’s “our” Bethany!)

Michael Burnet - Career Center Director

Maria Basescu from Next Stage in Putney - Guest Speaker


Farewell to our Student Rotarians

Christol Long gave a farewell address thanking all of the Rotarians for their work and coming together to make something larger and better than themselves.

It is sad to see them go, but we hope they’ll come back to join us and update us on all of the cool things they all do. 

The fine students shared with us their plans for the next year. 


No Birthdays or Anniversary



Board Meeting tomorrow morning at 7:15 at WKVT


Michelle needs a president elect


Black Mountain Family assisted living is looking for volunteers for a cleanup on June 10th


Looking for someone to take over Club Runner administration


Coffee Shop is open! We have had three people who have been down to Honduras and visited Maria, one of them has obtained a grant to go back and work with the folks in Honduras. Tristam’s work is being multiplied. 


Noon Rotary Club Golf tournament, Thursday, June 8th - Brattleboro Tire is looking for a ringer, let Dan know if you’re interested. 


Rescue Inc. Grand Opening in West Townshend on June 10th from 10-2


Jen: Not going to be able to stay on as Treasurer next year. It’s pretty easy, Toni does the QuickBooks portion. Let Michelle or Jen know if you’re interested. 


Amelia: Change over Party on June 28th - we have a bit of a snag. We are moving the party to Turner’s house. Thank you Turner! 


Marcy: If someone would like to step in to the Secretary job, Marcy will take the President elect job. If you’re interested in being Secretary please see Marcy. 


CARDS - 7 of Hearts - in the deck - YOU LOSE LOSERS!


Bowl of Life - Done professional stints as dumpster painter, house painter, inner city cab driver and sommelier. Jason, Jim Maxwell, Jimmy V (it is!)  Jim shared with us the awesomeness of being a dumpster painter!



Lissa - for BUHS track team and daughter Allery, broke the record for 4x4 relay. 


Will - HCRS Golf Tournament Friday, June 9th @ Woodstock Country Club


Josh - Dan Deitz for being the grill master of Rotary for his work at the different events we’ve had. 

A Challenge to the group - if you can make it to Rotary without driving a car three times, Josh will buy your breakfast. 


Cindy - for herself and the Amtrak train to Nebraska next week. 


Kevin - for our student Rotarians, we have great students who have been part of our club. 

Son and daughter-in-law returned from honeymoon in Croatia. Sarah and Kevin went to a concert together, saw Zach Brown, had a great afternoon/evening.


Valerie - brag for the State of Vermont and the Legislature for the work they have done this year. They have done great work this year. 

President Damon for the work he did getting her in for PT working around her schedule.

Glad for the great people who have joined our club - particularly Lissa for joining our club. 


Tristam - for the young man who wrote the poem “Only Human”. See all of the entries for this year’s awards here ( NOTE: “Only Human” appears as “Human” in the link.


Speaker: Maria Basescu from Next Stage in Putney. 

Glad for the connections we have in our local Community. 

Next Stage is all about community, much more than a performing arts center. Formed in response to crisis in the community. The community came together to raise money and renovate the space, but they were able to begin programming as they were renovating and fundraising. 


Raised almost 2 million dollars and completed the renovation in December 2016. Many of this was from the community. There were a few large donations but much of the money came from smaller community donations of $25-$200. 


They have a fully renovated commercial kitchen and dance floor to conduct fundraisers. 


Working on dinner and event collaborations with local restaurants to get people out. 


They do all sorts of performances, music, theatre, film and spoken word events. 


A few things coming up June 3rd, Miros Sprague Quintet (up and coming jazz musician) will be playing, June 10th fundraiser and July will have Apron Theatre’s Mother Courage with Jim Maxwell. 


Working to put together a history of the community of Putney to get at the stories and share the stories at Next Stage throughout 2018. 


They have a beer and wine license, kitchen and art gallery! 


For more information 

See shows listed and sign up for their mailing list at

Check them out on Facebook at