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Hello Fellow Rotarians,
Meeting began in typical fashion with the gong of the bell!
This Day in History:
1893 - Ghandi's first act of civil disobedience.
1942 - The Battle of Midway in the Pacific Theater of Operations was one of the most important naval battles of World War II. Between 4 and 7 June 1942, only six months after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, and one month after the Battle of the Coral Sea, the United States Navy (USN), under Admirals Chester W. Nimitz, Frank Jack Fletcher, and Raymond A. Spruance decisively defeated an attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy
1982 - Priscilla Presley opens Graceland to the public; the bathroom where Elvis died five years earlier was kept off-limits.
Guest Speakers:  6/7 - Michelle; 6/14 - Jason; 6/21 - Debra; 6/28 is Change Over;
Confirm Scribe - 6/7 Drew; 6/14 Tristam; 6/21 Diane
Thank Greeter: Josh -  & Arrange Greeter for Next Week - Turner
Jon - Stacy potential new member (biotech and commutes to DC) & Josh Goldberg - IT prospective new member Chesterfield NH
Bethany wants to become official non-student member...all in Favor...
KJ & Diane son Josh
No Bday or Anniversary this week.
Damon-  Black Mountain Estates/Family Living looking for 6 people to help clean up facility & currently seeking member with web skills to help support Clubrunner.
CHANGEOVER PARTY is June 28th at TURNERS House (directions to follow)  NO MEETING THAT WEEK!!!!
Toni- Scholarship committee has reviewed candidates and finalized choices to be announced soon.  Total of $10k in awards given and recipients include BUHS, International, Hinsdale, Adult CE, and the Penfield Scholarship.
Tristam - Coffee shop is OPEN!!! Also Feb 15 & 16th 2018 planning trip to Honduras to go visit where Coffee shop proceeds are hard at work.  Also collaborating with the Nooners on the Pine Ridge Reservation to provide quilting supplies.   More info below;
Wish List -
Cotton or cotton blend
Basic colors we use: black, red, yellow, white, green, blue.
White double or queen size flat sheets
Cotton thread in same colours
Wide cotton hem binding in same colours
Poly fiber sheets for quilts
There is also a need for:
4 to 5 basic portable sewing machines
Shears in sizes medium and large length
Hand quilting needles
Quilting white thread
Assortment of needles for hand finishing projects.
Wish list - young women's ceremonial attire
White cotton for lining
Pastel solid colours
Pastel small print design
1" and 2" wide ribbon for trim in 6 basic colors,  and colors to go with pastel fabrics
Any of this material can be dropped off at our weekly meeting or at Greg Worden's VT Artisan Design store. It will all get moved to storage until the shipment date. Shipment will take place after August.  If any members have questions about this, they can get in touch with me, 257-7783, 365 7968,<>
Ali- Monday June 12th is cleanup @ 11AM on the rotary garden in Brattleboro. 
Josh- Band is the Internal communication app of choice, please all enroll so that we can all have quick correspondence in case of dates and times changes. 
Jen- Fiscal year is coming to a close - International Foundation Fund are sent off now.   Now annual DUES are due, still seeking treasurer for next year!
Kevin - Student Rotarian HELLO FEE (those who did not say hello and sign all student Rotarians books pay $1/signature missing)  Biggest offenders Lisa, Drew, and Tristan Toleno with a whopping $5 Fine.
Cards:  Ace of Diamonds "You loose, Losers!"   
Damon- Torren 800M race (Keene MS)  2:02 best yet and qualified for Race/Meet of Champions;  Aiden is off to New England Regionals
Josh - Wonder Women (went to see the movie this weekend, solid review) special brag for all the Wonder Women in our club.
Valarie- headed to CA for 60th bday, Santa Barba, Chino, visiting son and Dad out west.  BDCC updating Windham Econ Development Fund on local Job creation. Also working with New Chapter on a special commission task force on how to attract top talent to area.
Jon- Sandy Shriver for his poor texting skills period...
KJ- Rotarians in and around the strolling of the Hefers parade, Rescue Inc new facility and pig roast, Josh (son) competed in tennis state finals finished 5th in state and also completing his first enduro race (up and down mountain on a bike..YIKES!!!)
Sandy Shriver - back to Jon for following "The Four Way Test..." and not outing his texting skills to a larger group;  Diane and Sandy just returned from an amazing four week honey moon to Europe, Rome, etc.
Michelle- For FB as daughter was in London during recent attack and FB has a "I Am SAFE" mode that immediately alleviated very stressful situation. Marcy is taking president elect duties and KJ is moving into secretary role next year. 
Guest Speaker is Michelle and Toni - Topic CLUB RUNNER!
Majority of presentation was focused on how to publish the meeting notes to Club Runner and how to email...for more information please visit the previous post which contains the step by step instructions for completing this it goes!!!! 
See you all next Wednesday!
Best Regards,