Posted by Toni Ciampaglione on Nov 01, 2017
Empress Pong started her the meeting with this day in History…......  
1892- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle publishes “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”.
1800- John Adams becomes first president to live in the White House.
1870- US Weather Bureau made 1st meteorological reports.
1952 – US explodes 1st hydrogen bomb on Eniwetok Atoll in Marshall Islands
1968- Tens of thousands of refugees fled to the west when East Germany opened its border to Czechoslovakia.
1994- domain name was registered.
Quote for the day……If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace…Thomas Paine
Josh very warmly greeted us this morning and next week …I missed who is going to be at the door with a smile to say good morning because I forgot that I was supposed to be taking the minutes.
Mona Williams – the most AWESOME prospective member…who has been busy selling Mark’s raffle tickets AND asked for more!!!
Tracy Benet Perrin – guest speaker
Amy Goldberg- guest speaker
Danny and Rachel from Hinsdale High School reported this morning.
~Nutrition project that supplies food for students over the weekends has begun. They have collected approximately 30 bags so far.
~They have an exchange student from Belgium that has just joined them.
~Project Graduation 2018 is under way. They have had 2 fundraising events already and raised a couple thousand dollars.
  1. Board meeting tomorrow morning 7:15 am at WKVT….all are welcome.
  2. Trivia Night benefiting BASIC (Brattleboro Area Skatepark Is Coming) is coming up on November 13th. Jim Maxwell be our question master (filling in for KJ). Grab some friends and head to the Legion for a very entertaining night.
  3. SELL YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS…..maybe at Trivia Night or ask Mona how to do it!
BIRTHDAYS: No Birthdays today
ANNIVERSARIES:   Toni and Damon joined Rotary 17 years ago (YIKES), Ross joined 5 years ago and Erin just completed her first year...time flies!!
CARDS:  2 of Diamonds..… and the winner is ~  ME!!!!
This Rotarian turned 21 in Hong Kong…..we started the guessing with Nick who incorrectly guessed Sandy Shriver who knew it was Jason ….wow no money made on that one!!
Lisa: Bragged for Ali for all the times she has filled in for her as she been traveling the globe these past few months.
Kevin: Bragged for his daughter Sarah the nurse who decided to be a patient for Halloween this year. Landed herself in the ER while attempting to carve a pumpkin, must be all the heavy lifting she does for her job because with shear brute strength she snapped the spoon she was using to clean out the pumpkin. Luckily no stitches and no tendon damage.
Jon: Had a bittersweet brag for his dad as today is the anniversary of his passing in 1991 at 66 years old. Was a fantastic father with many great memories.
Josh: Bragged for the Noon Club as he went for a visit last week and he would like to incorporate a few of their exploits into our club such as…having all members give a brief bio about themselves (3 significant things) not just new members and also they have a $5 fine for any member whose cell phone rings in the meeting and they answer it.  
KJ: Should have bragged a few weeks ago that he and Diane celebrated their 2-4 anniversary. Really should be bragging that she has put up with him for that long…..his words not mine!!
Jerry: Explained his recent absence as he went back to work for Insight Photography. They are having their 19th Annual Exhibition and Benefit Auction starting November 3rd. This annual show presented live at the Vermont Center for Photography and online, features works submitted by a wide range of international, national and local contributors, from renowned Guggenheim fellows, cutting-edge professionals and accomplished locals -- some of whom may even be In-Sight alumni who have chosen to embrace photography in their lives.
Cindy: Bragged for the volunteers and team that helped her put together the recent Career Expo. This past week they surprised her flowers….wow what a great team!
Will: After 40 years he has finally decided to retire at the end of this year. Tina retired 2 years ago and has been patiently waiting for him….I see more chickens in their future.
Jim V: Bragged for Marcy’s Halloween exhibition. A few adventurous Rotarians made the road trip p to Springfield last night to soak in this unbelievable display, well worth the trip.
Lissa: Added to Jerry’s brag for Insight Photography. John Willis the founding director is being honored by the Society of Photographic Education at 118 Elliot.
Diane: Bragged for Josh being inducted into the National Honor Society tonight. 
Kevin PART 2: Attended the mixer last Thursday at the Marina, Sunrisers closed things down…. probably past the other club’s bed time.  Also, he felt compelled to brag for Jeff’s boots this morning. Giving the ladies a run for their money, Jeff was sporting a pair of ostrich cowboy boots that we all should be jealous of!
Michelle: Bragged for Caroline being honored for having the highest grade in  her Irish legal system course.
Val: Bragged for Lauren who has been accepted into NY Law School (where her father went). Won’t be going until after she gets out of the Army in 2019. Also, she and John will be going to Germany for Thanksgiving to visit with Lauren. She also bragged for hiking Mt. Philo last week, it is a pretty little mountain in Charlotte, Vermont (near Burlington) with great views over the Lake Champlain Valley and the Adirondack Range across the lake in New York.
GUEST SPEAKERS:       Amy Goldberg & Tracy Benet Perrin - ACE Master Training Education
The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study findings represent a paradigm shift in human understanding of the origins of physical, social, mental, and societal health and well-being.  We now know that leading causes of disease and disability, learning and productivity problems, and early death have their roots in the cumulative neurodevelopmental impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). 
The momentum around ACEs is stunning. Demand for presentations and education about the ACE concepts and their community applications has grown rapidly.  Desire for education, solutions and partnership in this pioneering work is growing; and so is the importance of providing accuratetimely,and actionable information to diverse audiences.  These facts are critical elements in the decision to form ACE Interface.
Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration, and lifelong health and opportunity. As such, early experiences are an important public health issue. Much of the foundational research in this area has been referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).
Adverse Childhood Experiences have been linked to
  • risky health behaviors,
  • chronic health conditions,
  • low life potential, and
  • early death.
The ACE Pyramid represents the conceptual framework for the ACE Study. The ACE Study has uncovered how ACEs are strongly related to development of risk factors for disease, and well-being throughout the life course.
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are common. Almost two-thirds of study participants reported at least one ACE, and more than one in five reported three or more ACEs.
The ACE score, a total sum of the different categories of ACEs reported by participants, is used to assess cumulative childhood stress. Study findings repeatedly reveal a graded dose-response relationship between ACEs and negative health and well-being outcomes across the life course.
As the number of ACEs increases so does the risk for the following*:
Dose-response describes the change in an outcome (e.g., alcoholism) associated with differing levels of exposure (or doses) to a stressor (e.g. ACEs). A graded dose-response means that as the dose of the stressor increases the intensity of the outcome also increases.
  • Alcoholism and alcohol abuse
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Depression
  • Fetal death
  • Health-related quality of life
  • Illicit drug use
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Poor work performance
  • Financial stress
  • Risk for intimate partner violence
  • Multiple sexual partners
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Smoking
  • Suicide attempts
  • Unintended pregnancies
  • Early initiation of smoking
  • Early initiation of sexual activity
  • Adolescent pregnancy
  • Risk for sexual violence
  • Poor academic achievement