President Caulkins welcomed us at 715.
Greeting & Scribe – Thanks to our Greeter who was not really identified but there were greeters greeting so we were good.    Our greeter next week is KJ.  Ross is the scribe today.  Josh Goldberg is the scribe next week but needs a substitute.  This day in history in 1969 Woodstock started in the New York upstate town of Bethel.  In 1899 Henry Ford resigns his position with the Edison Illuminating Company to focus on building cars.  In 1947 the Indian Independence Bill, which carved out the countries of India and Pakistan our of the former Mogul Empire, comes into force at the stroke of midnight.
Rotary Minute – Marcy spoke about the Board and the different positions on the Board.  Marcy asked for volunteers for the Board and to be chairs of the various committees of the Board.  Hoping to have as club assembly next month.  Every member should be on at least one committee.  Marcy stated, “ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for you club.”
T-Shirts – Toni announced that the new T-shirts are in.  If you ordered one, please see Toni.  They look awesome and are reported to be very soft.
Guests – Diane Shamas, our speaker who will be discussing the Guardian Ad Litem program.
Birthdays – Josh Traeger was serenaded by the gender diverse Birthday Singers.
Anniversary – Lisa Fitzgerald is celebrating her second anniversary however there is some controversy about her actual anniversary date.  It was nice to hear Lisa, nonetheless.
Mona – Nine days away from Lucy’s arrival.  Everything is falling into place.  Mona needs a headcount for picking Lucy up at 3pm on 8/24 at Logan.  Also, she needs headcount for the orientation at Okemo (Ludlow) on 8/26 from 12 to 3 (she thinks).  There are 16 students in the district who are coming in.  Mona needs to get the headcount to the higher ups for planning purposes.  Kids are welcome as there will be play space.
Tristam – The coffee shop is open.  Sales last week were fabulous.  Funds go to support our Honduran student, Ruby.  No cash; make checks out to Sunrise Rotary.
Josh T. – DISC golf tournament is Sunday, October 14 to raise money for scholarships and have fun.  Looking for three different shifts and will be sending out sign-up sheets.  Done in conjunction with the noon club.
Sadie – Thanking everyone who is participating in today’s back-pack event including grillers.  Marcy said the Reformer put a shout out about the event and including our participation.  Sadie also reminded us to enter our community service time, including non-Rotary activities, onto the sheet. 
Erin – Update on the Elm Street project with Turning Point.
Cards – Ten of spades.  Bethany won though the amount is a little murky.
Bowl of Life – This person used to work in bovine artificial insemination.  Will – Jeff – Jim M. – Mark (correct).  Mark reports his arms are 35 inches in length; very mooooving.
Marcy – 1-20 anniversary
Damon – Running brag
Josh T. – Family brag
Erin – Brag for member Valerie Stuart’s eight years of service and giving her all in service.
Sadie – Family brag
Ali – Brag for Jim Maxwell and his recent performance of Love and Information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Extra exclamation points requested by Ali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Toni – Brag for Ben Underhill who passed away recently.  Ben was a wonderful person who despite challenges was an amazing human and community member.  Memorial service at the park at 5:30pm this Sunday.
Guest Speaker
Tom introduced Diane Shamas who is speaking on the Guardian Ad Litem program.  Diane left posters and bookmarks for everyone.  She has been a Guardian Ad Litem for over ten years as a court appointed guardian for children.  She became a Guardian Ad Litem so she could work directly with kids.  The reasons for needing one vary such as neglected kids or children out of control.  It comes from federal law as well as VT law.  Guardian Ad Litem speaks on behalf of children, stepping into the role that parents usually hold.  Guardian Ad Litems go to hearings and other court events as well as a lot of work outside of court.  When Guardian Ad Litem does this, there are a lot of questions and a lot of related issues such as substance abuse, family issues, poverty, homelessness etc.  Guardian Ad Litems are an extra set of eyes and role is to know everything you can about the child you are handling.  All cases are confidential.  A Guardian Ad Litem have a voice and a role.  You understand what the child wants others to know.  Volunteers to be a Guardian Ad Litem come from all walks of life.  Just need time.  They screen all applicants and train once on board.  No magic time that guardians give and can work with multiple children.  Can schedule time with children but not court time.  Diane learned so much about the community as a Guardian Ad Litem.  There is a real strain on our court and social system.  We need more Guardian Ad Litems to help out.  Either you or someone you know should help.  A training will be held September 26 – 28.   Question about differences state to state – every state is different and have different regulations re: Guardian Ad Litem.  In Vermont, it is a volunteer position though there is reimbursement for mileage.  This program is Windham county-based.
Adjourned at 8:21am after the four-way test.