Posted by Jim Maxwell on Jan 26, 2018
Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of meeting January 24, 2018
  1. Ed was greeter
  2. Guests today: 
    1. Tom Mosakowski, who heard about us at the Stone Soup Social, and is especially interested in our stove project in Honduras
    2. Christine Takacs, a friend of Sandy’s who works in marketing
    3. Vale, a visiting student from Costa Rica, guest of student Rotarian Natalya
  3. Rotary minute:  Paul Harris founded Rotary on February 23, 1905, for professionals to exchange ideas and give back to the community.  Rotary because they would rotate offices in the group.  Unfortunately, only men until 1987.  Until then the wives were known as “Rotary Anns”
  4. Birthdays: Cindy, Tristam, Drew, Jim M.  A hearty, clear-throated, soaring rendition of that great old song . . .by the usual chorus
  5. Student Rotarians Josh & Natalya.  Report that the new semester starts today.  Eleven students and teacher visiting from Costa Rica, of whom Vale is one.  The visitors have been introduced to snowballs and ice skates thus far
  6. Card was not drawn
  7. From the Bowl of Life we learn that Mona went to Montana with her grandfather at a very young age (she, not the granddad) and for some unknown reason a 2-week planned stay turned into 2 months due to lack of transport home or something like that but Mona enjoyed it so what the heck
  8. Announcements
    1. The nutrition project at Moore Court and Wedgewood turned out very well with a total of 180 meals served and help from volunteer kids
    2. Katya and Tristam went out to South Dakota to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to learn more about the quilting initiative we are participating in.  The project is developing into something much larger for helping create a sustainable economy for the reservation
    3. The Tristam coffee shop was opened for business
  9.  Community service opportunities upcoming:  Overflow Shelter on February 7; volunteers for the Harris Hill Ski Jump February 16-18; Trivia February 12
  10. Community service past:  Our club helped out with the Hungry Lions project in the Deerfield Valley area, delivering holiday groceries to families
  11. Erin reported on a great group gathering in support of the Flat Street Revival and to exchange ideas for development, renewal, growth there
  12. Collection to help the Green Street 3rd Graders attend puppet show
  13. Brags:
    1. Jon Secrest daughter Alina participated reluctantly but brilliantly in high school Nordic ski, placing 1st in JV category
    2. Jeff spoke on the rite of passage for his daughter, being the purchase and sole ownership of a stand-alone, just-mine cell phone, with all the terrible rights and responsibilities that go along with that awesome power
    3. Deborah’s daughter Ava will be Robin Hoods ##4 and 5 in the upcoming NEYT production
    4. Jeff and Josh U. both have daughters in AAU basketball.  Josh’s daughter’s team, Vernon, beat Hinsdale 22-2, an impressively decisive victory.
    5. Tristam’s daughter in Americorps in Arizona, moving force behind projects and presentations for MLK day
    6. Kevin’s daughter starts Monday as staff RN at the UVM pain clinic
    7. No news of anyone’s sons.
  14. Speakers Kevin and Toni with preview of this year’s 3-on-3, March 17
    1. Sponsors
    2. Teams
    3. Full club participation
    4. Volunteers already: Josh T. to stuff and mail; Lisa for labels; Jim print letters; Cindy will help with concessions
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