Posted by Jacqueline Atwood on Jun 05, 2018
Meeting called to order by President Michelle at 7:15
Pledge of Allegiance
Thanked Erin for being the greeter today
On this Day:
1431- Joan of Ark was burned at stake
1783- 1st Daily newspaper published in Philadelphia
1868- Decoration Day, Later called Memorial Day 1st observed
1908- Workman’s Compensation law was approved
1935- Babe Ruth played his final game
1967- Evel Knievel jumps 16 cars on his motorcycle
Quote- “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention”- Oscar Wilde
Rotary Minute-
Rotary PeaceFellowships                                                                                                                              Each year award 100 to study in Rotary Peace Centers (partner universities -6 around the world) Develops leaders who become catalysts for peace & conflict prevention & resolution.     
Lauren Seibert agent for Child Protection & Advocate for Children’s Rights
Scott Martin founded Mediators Beyond Borders International
Guests- Kevin introduced student Rotarian Sarah Gauthier whom just completed freshman year at SNHU and Tom Franks a new prospective member
Junior Rotarian Report- Josh updated with events going on at the high school including SAT this Saturday.
Sadie- 1.Community volunteer hour sheet being passed around / our group has great numbers.   2. Seasonal overflow shelter report is now available. Total served for 2017/2018 155 unduplicated individuals, opened 168 nights and total beds provided 5,544 Please contact Sadie for whole report 3. Upcoming VT Welcome Center bake sale coming up in July 14th, lots of ways to support: donate items, man the table, decorate donation can. Email with link to sign up was sent out.
Mona- Info being passed around about Lucy our exchange student coming to us from Croatia
Josh- liked the photo albums that Alissa brought of past years of Sunrise Rotary gatherings. Reminded us with the tech world we no longer print out pictures. Ali commented that if anyone had printed pictures she would keep the albums going.
KJ- June 8th Deerfield Valley Rotary Club Putt & Pour Reminder
5 year Anniversary- Katia
Cards- Ace of Diamonds- It’s in the deck- You lose losers
Bowl of Life- “Played Tennis in High School and only lost one match during that time” Katia guessed Nick who guessed Sadie who guessed Diane who guessed Erin who guessed Jon who guessed Michael who guessed Kevin who guessed Josh Y who correctly guessed Josh U. Josh played for 2 years from his parents rule sport or job. He choose Tennis.
Sadie- bragged for the BUHS Band/ Chorus who just performed a great POPS concert,
Debbie bragged for Bethany and Christine who played in the Memorial Day Parade, which was such a pleasant thing after digging a trench for septic line for tenant.
Turner- First grandchild graduated college in Allentown PA as the valedictorian.
Nick- Relatives still have available two weeks rental in Ocean Park, Maine. Sleeps  8. Near Old Orchard Beach
Dan- Grandson turned 4yrs old and was very impressed with his new tune up kit for his power wheels truck which increased the speed.                                                                                          Kevin- Imposed a fine for all members not wearing their pin. Also gave Dan a fine for questionable attitude towards a fellow Rotarian at the recent Beer Fest.  Many Rotarians attended and Kevin wanted to mention Josh U.  T-shirt that was worn at the event but he did not give all the details.                                                                                                                              Jon S.- Engaged in a bet to lose weight prior to a upcoming trip. He had targeted date & weight and lost which obligated him to write out a check for $100.00 to a friend who did reach his goal.         Erin- Bragged has being living in tiny house for one month now. Next week she will be in Hawaii for her 35th class reunion                                                                                                                        Michelle – bragged for Mark who came to her cold home within one hour to assist when they ran out of oil.
Kevin   Recognized the Brattleboro Rescue for being a part of the 3 on 3 basketball tournament this last year and many years prior who send 2-3 volunteers for safety precautions. He presented Drew and Steve a check for $500.00 from the rotary to thank and help support the department.
Steve spoke to the group about the usage of a new drone that has joined the Rescue dept for a couple months now that would be able to assist with search and rescue situations. Drones are great tools to map out and area, flooded areas, night vision, drop feature that can utilize supplying a life vest. Drones can be programmed with spot light features. Flight time is about 25 minutes and can go up to 40 miles per hour. Rain, Wind and cold weather negatively affect the drone and battery.  Fail safes can be pre-programmed into drone (low battery head back k to base). Some groups are being put together to organize coordination of drone usage in time of need (as example-SWARM)    Drones can be used to assist with Farming, Surveying, Construction, Real Estate. There is a wide range of prices for drones and their accessories.
Brattleboro Rescue is looking for volunteers interested in training to become drone pilot.
Josh T. has a drone and for a 50.00 donation to the Rotary he would fly and take footage of a fellow Rotarians home if interested.
Michelle brought the meeting to a close with the four way test:
Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill & Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?