Posted by Jacqueline Atwood on May 02, 2018

Wednesday 5/2/18

President Pong called to order at 7:15

Pledge of Allegiance

Thanked this morning’s greeter- Ed Dews​​Next week greeter will be Mona

This day in history:​​​​​​​​​​​1878 US stops minting 20 cent coin​​​​​​​​​1970 1st woman jockey at Kentucky Derby (Diane Crump)​​​​​​1994 Dr. Kervokian found innocent on assisting suicide​​​​​​​2011 Osama bin Laden, the suspected mastermind behind the September 11 attacks and the FBI most wanted man is killed by US special forces in Abbottabad, Pakinstan​​​​​​2015 Fight of the Century: Floyd Mayweather, Jr beats Manny Pacquiao in 12 for the welterweight boxing title.

Quote​​​​​​​​​​​               Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success. –Oscar Wilde​​​​​​​​           Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends? – Abraham Lincoln​​​      There is no safety for honest men except for believing all possible evil of evil men – Edmund Burke        Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together- Woodrow T. Wilson​    Dream as if you’ll like forever, live as if you’ll die today- James Dean​

Rotary Minute-​​​​​​​​​​​         The Term “Four Avenues of Service” is frequently used in Rotary literature and information. The “Avenues” refer to the four elements of the Object of Rotary: Club service, Vocational Service and International Service.​​​​​​​​​​​Describes the primary areas of Rotary activity.​​​​​​      “Club Service” involves all of the activities necessary for Rotarians to perform to make their club function successfully.​​​​​​​​​         “Vocational Service” is a description of the opportunity each Rotarian has to represent the dignity and utility of one’s vocation to the other members of the club.​​​​        “Community Service” pertains to those activities which Rotarians undertake to improve the quality of life in their community. It frequently involves assistance to youth, the aged, handicapped and others who look to Rotary as a source of hope for better life.​​​​​     “International Service” describes the many programs and activities which Rotarians undertake to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace. International service projects are designed to meet humanitarian needs of people in many lands.​​​

When a Rotarian understands and travels down the “Four Avenues of Service” the object of Rotary takes on even greater meaning.                            


Today’s Scribe Caleb Atwood- Next week is Toni Ciampaglione​​​​​   Today’s speaker hosted by Jacques Atwood- Next week is Alisa Barry

Guest introductions: Jacques introduced Adam Grinold and Kristin Brooks from BDCC,  Rotarian youngsters  Evelyn and Ava were recognized.


Evelyn spoke to let us all know she was selling raffle tickets for the Green Street School Sports program. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 for some great prizes.

Sadie told about upcoming show James and the Giant Peach at New England Youth theatre this weekend with Evelyn performing a role.

Josh T. celebrating 15 years of marriage to his best friend.

Cindy bragged for her daughter, Danielle who spent hours on the phone helping her brother.

Debbie- told the group about a great restoration project of eleven 1800’s coalmine homesteads in Bramwell, West Virginia that offers tours. Debbie stated the workmanship is incredible.

KJ- Shared his daughter sent him a beautiful phot will Colorado scene with sign saying “We got married today”

Kevin bragged for Christine who was very helpful with scholarship committee. Then he fined the rest of us for anyone not wearing the rotary pin and also Josh Hashagen for being the paper and Michael for being on his cell phone when President Pong was talking.

Deb- Standing up on crutches wanted to let everyone know how much she appreciated all the support and kindness from fellow Rotarians after her accident resulting in a break of her femur and 3 week stay at Grace Cottage.

Nick fined Kevin for excessive fines and announced new member in family, 8 week old lab mix puppy from the Windham County Humane Society.

Ali announced excitement of daughter coming home from college.

President Pong bragged for Lisa who helped plan her vacation which even included an upgrade. Michelle’s daughter being published in her law review.


Social with noon time Rotary group 5/24 from 5-7pm. Bring appetizer to share and beverage (non-alcoholic) Kiwanis Shelter at Brattleboro Memorial Park. Optional disc golf

Upcoming Fund raiser event 7/14 at the Vermont Welcome Center. Baked sale items for sale by donations. Need members to volunteer to organize with presentation, beverage & bake sale choices and shift schedules. Other members are encouraged to man a shift or donate baked items.

Nutritional project completed for the year. Very successful at two locations. One recently serving 53 meals and the other Ledgewood serving 99 breakfast and 111 lunches.  

2nd annual Putt and Pour tournament 6/8 at 1pm Mount Snow Golf Club.  Benefit for the Deerfield Valley Rotary Club. $75 per person includes the tournament and dinner. *Prizes *Raffles* Auction*  To register by phone call 802-423-7535

Trivia Nite- Battle of the Boards! Monday, May 14th 6:30-8:30PM American Legion 32 Linden Street, Brattleboro. Sign up with a team of 4-6 or come alone! $20 each includes dinner. “Remember your Smarty Pants” Winnings go to Non-profit of winner’s choice.

Mona gave update with exchange student.  Steve Perrin, Principal of BUHS is reviewing submitted documentation. Looking for 3-4 members to serve on this exchange student committee- Josh T, Jon Seacrest, Marcy and Mona volunteered. Rotary would need to approve funds to support this. Meeting tomorrow.

Josh T. gave a plug for the BAND app for smart phones and a great use for Rotary communication.

Deb announced Red Cross blood drive happening today at this meeting.  Over 30 people signed up for this drive.  Need volunteers to sign up to plan and build a pergola for the Turning Point on Flat Street. Deb will work with Sadie to pick dates. 

CARDS- 9 of Hearts was in the deck. “YOU LOSE LOSERS”

ANNIVERISARY- Jim Maxwell 5yr Rotary Anniversary.

BIRTHDAYS- Recognized Jeff’s birthday who first told us all he did not like silly hats or goofy songs. He was serenaded anyway. 

BOWL OF LIFE- “Played my High School Base Ball League Championship game at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY” ………Christine guessed Josh G. who guessed Will who guessed Kevin correctly. Kevin shared they won and it was a highlight of playing baseball and has a photo of his dad with him from that day.

Jacques’ introduced our guest speakers:

Adam Grinold, BDCC Executive Director 

Kristin Brooks, BDCC Cooperative Internship Coordinator

Adam spoke about the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC) and the Southern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS) and its roles to help people create new businesses, jobs and opportunities. Connect people with opportunity in the Windham region. Connect towns, non-profits and businesses with the resources they need to grow.  Help with great initiatives, organizations and businesses grow here.  Help employees find and develop the talent they need to succeed.

Kristin spoke about the partnerships in Southern Vermont with Six colleges & BDCC Collaborative Internship Program. Paid internship opportunities for local business and current or recently college students. For more information or interest contact Kristin at or 802-257-7731