Rotary Meeting Minutes:

Guests:  Former Rotarian Tom, Lois Conley, Jana Zellor, and Ayla Traeger
Student Rotarian:  Rachael from Hinsdale reports; she has been busy with scholarship applications, and is about to take her AP Calculus test.  On Friday, she will be participating in an exposition of learning from her ELO (which stands for Extended Learning Opportunity, NOT Electric Light Orchestra), and she will be featuring a dairy cow, as she worked with a large animal veterinarian this year.
-Josh - Camp for a Common Cause is this Friday, we will be grilling from about 5:15-8:30 with the Cota and Cota grill.
-Jim Verzino - Green Street school thanks us for helping the 3rd and 4th grade be able to attend the Sandglass theatre puppet show; 400 local schoolchildren came to the show at the Latchis.
Ali - we are having a mixer with the Noon club at the Kiwanis shelter Thursday, May 24.  They have decided to hire a caterer, so dinner will be $13.00 a head.
Dan - last Saturday was Touch a Truck.  It was cold and rainy, and it was a smaller crowd than usual, but our brave grillers still cooked up 200+ burgers and 100+ dogs.  No final count on money raised.
KJ - Deerfield Valley Putt and Pour fundraiser is happening on June 8th.  $75/person
Mona - the school needs one more thing to be able to approve inbound exchange student Lucy; we should have an answer by Friday
CAAAAAHDs- 10 of hearts, Christine wins it!
Happy Birthday to Michelle and Bethany!
Josh - He and Ayla biked to town for lunch at Duo’s this weekend, fulfilling Ayla’s lifelong dream of riding her bike to town.
Damon- Torin had a track meet Monday in Bratt, ran shorter distance races than usual, and broke the school record for the 400.
Valerie- one of her favorite things in legislature is recognizing non-profits; HCRS (celebrating 50 years), Brattleboro Garden Club (also 50 years), Brooks Memorial Library among others were recognized for the great work they do.   
-also in honor of Angela Prodin who recently passed away at age 50Brattleboro Garden Club is having a plant sale at the Green Mountain Chapel on Rt. 9.  Also looking for members
Kevin- rose to propose a fine on the front table for always sitting in the same place
-For daughter Sarah - Kevin, Ginny, and Sarah were heading to Rochester, NY for a wedding.  Sarah had left from Burlington, and mom and dad were worrying about her, and kept calling her to see where she was.  She finally called them back when she was right behind them on the NY State Thruway.
Jeff- warned Kevin he will be sitting next to him next week
Erin- Tiny House Festival is happening June 23rd, please take posters to hang up
Cindy- thanks to the Deerfield Valley emergency vet, who took care of her dog this weekend
Bethany- thanks for the birthday wishes.  And if anyone needs a tent to camp in for Camp for a Common Cause, she and Ali have room in Bethany’s 6 person tent
Our own Michael Burnett, the Director of the Career Center, spoke to us about the Career Center and what it can offer.  Michael himself is a product of a career/tech program, which helped him stay in school and convinced him to go to college.
The Career center is one of 17 CTE (Career and Technical Education) centers in VT, offering classes in shop, automotive, film, and culinary arts, for example.  Students can earn college credits as well.  
Some students are able to graduate and start right out in careers offering 40-50,000 salaries.  Adult programs are available as well.
Many students also earn Industry Recognized Credentials.
The program typically starts in the Junior yr of High School, and goes through the Senior.
Sadly, seeing declining enrollment, partially because some High Schools are hesitant to send students, as they lose money when they send kids to the Career Center.
Due to declining enrollment, some programs are being decreased or cut, but they will be offering an LNA program next spring.