JUNE 6, 2018
VP Marcy took over the meeting at this point relieving Ed to go do what he does best…
Thank you Mona for greeting us this morning. Good job Will by providing the muscle to back her up for the difficult to handle members.
ON THIS DAY:  It seems for once nothing of note occurred.
QUOTES:  No actual official quote for the day. But this scribe will take the liberty to propose a belated Mother’s Day message by oft quoted Irish poet, author and playwright, Oscar Wilde:
“All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does, and that is his.”
Tom Franks
Abd Rababah
Peter Libby
Ayla Traegar
Josh, Rachel, Danny and Natalya attended their last rotary meeting for this school year.  As a wonderful going away gift, Marcy honored them with water bottles! How awesome is that!
 Welcome back to Sam, a former Student Rotarian, making a return visit!
Jim M. – Brattleboro Music Center to invite Rotarians to breakfast  - date TBD.
KJ – Last reminder that the 2nd annual Putt and Pour tournament 6/8 @ 1pm at Mount Snow Golf Club.  Benefit for the Deerfield Valley Rotary Club; the Brattleboro Sunrise club’s godchild club.
Kevin – On July 14th all day there is a club fundraiser at the Guildford Welcome Center that we all need to pitch in and contribute time and/or supplies.
Kevin  Part Two - Also graciously offered to be a “brag surrogate” for our shy members for a nominal fee that he surely will pass along to the club and not pocket. It seems, to this scribe, that perhaps Kevin offers his service as he is empathetic to those introverts and socially awkward amongst us. As some of you may surmise, this condition is something he has personally struggled with, but has been able to camouflage for most of his life.
Damon – Reminder that three weeks from now (June 27th) there will be the changeover from present club officers to new officers for the upcoming Rotarian year. No regular meeting that morning. Be sure to thank currently serving officers before the 27th!
BOWL OF LIFE: Not this one either
CARDS: Four of Clubs…. No winner… only losers. And everyone’s self-esteem again took a major blow when Ed called us “Losers!” There were numerous sniffles in the room due to hurt feelings.
Josh T: This noted mad scientist bragged for his daughter, Ayla, who knows the best time to make slime is when Dad is distracted on a conference call.
Jon: Bragged for his four days away on a sail boat with AC and TV in the Chesapeake Bay.  Had a great time with buddies … one highlight being served drinks by one of the oldest (95 years young!) bartenders/bar owners in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. The gentleman has been slinging drinks since 1962 – before many of us were born!
Valerie: Bragged for her daughter in the military and stationed in Poland. She also bragged about a beautiful funeral for her sister-in-law’ father she attended at a synagogue in NYC.
Debra R: Bragged for her daughters, Ava and Shoshana, on the Brattleboro softball team.  She’s excited they are becoming spots jocks!
Also, her broken femur is healing and she has made the progression from wheel chair to walker to cane now.
And a thanks to Ali for watching the house and, most importantly, Debra’s cat.
Damon: Bragged for Mark and Cota & Cota helping to get his barn hooked up for propane. Damon’s son, Torin, raced in a 4X8 team competition where the guys finished in 2nd. Off to NE Championships next.. Torin also raced for his Middle School last night in the Connecticut Valley League comp in the 1600.
Nick: Put in a brag for his kids: His son’s T-ball team made great strides this season in their batting skill level. After starting out with a ball on the T and taking 50 swings on average to hit a ball into play.. the kids, by the end, were taking Ruthian swats without a T. These kids were knocking the batted ball with blistering speed out of the infield. Better learn to duck, Pitcher Dude!
Nick’s daughter was in Kelli’s Dance Studio for the last recital of the season. She bravely battled through a bad cold and a short case of stage fright to absolutely nail the Moana tumbling part of the event.
Marcy: Bragged for her daughter, Rowan, headed off to middle school this Fall. No more packing lunches from now on!
GUEST SPEAKERS: Our very own Debra Cox was the guest speaker today. She gave a presentation on her financial services company, Primerica. She has worked for over 28 years with Primerica and is second generation. The goal is to create financially independent families.
Founded in 1977, their mission is to help families earn more income, become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.
Primerica is a leading distributor of financial products to middle income households with over 126,000 life insurance licensed representatives. Primerica representatives educate their clients about how to better prepare for a more secure financial future by assessing their needs with a free complimentary Financial Needs Analysis then offering financial solutions through term life insurance, investments and other financial products that both fit family needs and budget.
Scribe: Jeff Dunklee… Disclaimer: all errors or omissions are not my fault. I write slow and you talk too fast.