Posted by Debra Cox on Jun 14, 2018
June 13, 2018:   Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Minutes
     Empress Michelle Pong called to order at:  7:15 am
     Greeter today:  Josh Goldberg                                
     Pledge of Allegiance
     This Day in History:
                      1774 Rhode Island becomes first colony to prohibit importation of slaves.
                      1866 US House of representatives passes 14th Amendment (civil rights)
                      1920 US Post Office says children cannot be sent by parcel post (after
                      Various instances)
                      1922 Longest recorded attack of hiccups begins:  Charlie Osborne get the
                      Hiccups and continues for 68 years, dies 11 months after it stops.
                      1948 Babe Ruth’s final farewell at Yankee Stadium, he died August 16th
                      1978 Film “Grease” opens, starring John Travolta * Olivia Newton-John, based on
                      1971 musical
     Quote of Day:  Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success. - Oscar Wilde.
     Rotary Minute:  If you leave the meeting you have to pay a streaking fee of $2.00.
                                   Braggs are running very long- keep short please!  Side note: Speakers
                                   Generally allowed 15 minutes + 5 Q&A time.        
Guest:   Mona introduced Kathy Urffer from Connecticut River Conservancy “” (Cindy’s speaker).  Kevin introduced Tom Franks prospective member.  President Pong welcomed Tom Franks back and indoctrinated to the Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Club!  KJ presented the Rotary pin.  Ed wanted to make sure he knows that you can’t drink at Rotary anymore 😊 Tom spoke about the energy efficiency he has been involved with because he really likes solving problems.  In transition phase in life leaving job he has done last decade and felt he could find things to do here.  Missed the “community” aspect and very glad to be back.
Student Rotarians:  done for this year
Sadie- Penfield Scholarship Recipients and Sunrise Scholarship Recipients for 2018 see link:
Jeremy Lacke & Victoria Gassett are the Penfield Scholarship Recipients 2018.  John Penfield was a Charter Member and was the founding President of the Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Club.  This scholarship was created to honor his spirit of giving in the community, his dedication to service and his expertise in the automotive field.  Sunrise Scholarship Recipients for 2018 are:  Rachel Giroir, Hinsdale graduate, Olivia Howe, BUHS graduate, Nicole Barry, Freshman at Skidmore College, Mariah Nichols, Hinsdale Graduate, Madison Howe, Jr. at Elmira College and Alejandro Toledo Cornman, BUHS graduate.
  2nd:  2 sign ups for the welcome center, we need “stuff” or “staff”.  3rd:  Community Service projects sign -up sheet going around, please put your hours down.
Tristam:  Sadie this is incredible!
  Kevin:  as you know you are to sign the sheet, introduce yourself on the student Rotarians sheets.  If you have not done so it will cost you $$$$.  Only collecting $24 this time, Caleb $1, Dan D $1, Josh G $2, Drew $1, Stacie $2, Turner 1, Bethany $1 Deb R. $3, John S. $1, Valerie S. $1, Tristin $3, Jim R. $2.  John S. says come see him for the appeals process.  Absolve Katja for not knowing!  Empress Pong said “read your newsletter” (Scribe error=missed a name or two of penalties)—Kevin slow down when talking!  Just sayn’ 😊
Sign up sheet for Welcome Center:
Info about scholarship recipients:
Marci-2 weeks from today: change over party hosted by Lisa.  We need deserts, appetizers, salads, BYOB, family friendly.  Will announce again.
Ali:  gardening crew; Bethany and self, please come by and help right after the meeting. 
KJ- new speaker mugs showed a sample.  Can purchase for $10 each.
Birthday’s:  Valerie & Toni’s birthday, and Saturday it is Wil Shakespeare’s birthday.  All assembled for the best men’s quartette ever!  Note it is $2.00 for a Birthday song.
Cards:  Wil picked 3-Diamonds won by Jim V.
Bowl of Life (not done)
Braggs:  Josh-shamed that someone else was going to do bragging. (aka Kevin).  Amelia is wrapping up LNA program off to Wynona State University.  Lots of awards at sports banquet, my daughter got the most fowls in one basketball season!
Turner- out to Michigan, visit family and went to 50th graduation class of veterinarian.  Looked up Great grandparents and had a great time.
Jason- $50 brag Married 44 years; knows he won’t get change back from Ed!
John- daughter Alina just turned 15, just went as freshmen track relay, now this year becoming an athlete.  Last night took out to home depot parking lot—has learning permit.  Has video of first attempt at gas pumps!  Read instructions, “choose fuel” Alina retorted with “there are so many buttons”!
KJ- and wife went to the Put and pour in Dover with Stacie & Collin.  Had so much fun, raised a ton of $.  Also: the rescue raffle tickets are in, more prizes kayak, two- night stay at Scott Farm.  $20 per ticket or stack for $100. (double check prices with KJ)
Kevin- surrogate brag for Whitney Dunkley just finished AAU season, did very well.  Great on defense $5.  $10.15 yesterday morning Eric & Danielle had a healthy baby boy Wyatt James Yager 7lbs 10.5 oz 21” long.  While Face-timing he already likes to have his hand near his face.  As saying good bye Wyatt raised his hand and waved!  It’s mind blowing being a grandfather.  All healthy and doing well going out in two weeks, can’t wait to hold him and love him up.
Dameon- last two brags for running season of the boys.  Aiden ran in 4 x 8.  UNH championships was amazing and great.  Torren got MVP for cross country and track, great to finish off has 5 school records.   On the theme of grandparents; they were here for the graduation and able to see them compete in their sports.   Torren’s best mile time is 4 44/12.
Marcie-Rowen starting swim team will be swimming 4 times a week, most over an hour at a time.  Glad Rowen is so excited to be swimming this years with new coach.
Valerie – Daughter First LT Lauren will do 22 for 22.  22 miles for 22 vets a day committing suicide, (now down to 18 but will keep name of 22 for 22) Sat July 8th.   When she comes back August 2019 will do Memorial Day weekend when she comes back to study at law school.  Her father is 88 years old will be flying out to see him.  Going to Women in Government conference.  Carmen Durbey put on the most wonderful event on at Scott Farm.  So wonderful 60 years at the united way.  $60 to go but got fabulous lunch.  Valerie volunteered to send past Rotarian’s birthday cards each year.  Ali Berry used to take the most amazing pictures!
Empress Michelle Pong-failed in communications skills when did not show up at Rotary last week or give Marcie info for the meeting.  Paying her fine.  Thank you, Marcie for filling in!
Chris and I will be hosting a casual, fun 4th of July celebration Saturday, June 30th, 3pm
Fireworks at dusk.
This is a family friendly event that will include water hazards along with any other games I can think of that will keep kids entertained. We would love to see you. Stop by for a few minutes or stay the day. Maybe bring a chair in case I run out, but food and beverages will be plentiful.  Our address is 303 Poocham Road, West Chesterfield, NH (GPS will bring you right there.)
Guest Speaker: Kathy Urffer (local River Steward, 802-258-0413, from the Connecticut River Conservancy, celebrating 65 years.  Who owns our rivers?  The answer to that question surprises many:  you do!
 Last time here we talked about the dams and restoring rivers.  Today talking about phosphorus vs Nitrogen.  You can support clean water and farming at the same time.  The River Celebration 2018.  It’s an annual event and our turn to have it up here this year.  It will be at the Retreat Farm.  Round table moderated by David Zuckerman, Ron will speak on what we do, Michael Colby is radical in view pushing for Organic.  Content of work we do is like River keeper, although we have not applied for “keeper” status.  Act 64 marked regulations on how water is handled in the state.  Protecting all waters in the State of VT.  Reason Jeff had to leave today is people coming to look at his farm.  Specific agricultural purposes.  Our point of view we need to help farmers with the money needed to make changes recommended.   We also work with road crews if roads close to waterways.  New standards when water runs off it is caught and infiltrated and not contaminating the waterways.   Please see our web site at  New England Green River Marathon is Sunday, August 26 2018.  This brand- new Boston qualifying marathon starts at Marlboro College, VT and ends at Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, MA.   Space limited for further information see  22nd Annual Source to Sea Cleanup will be September 28 & 29, 2018.  NH, VT, MA & CT.  Visit for more information about this fun and meaningful river cleanup event. NOTE:  it’s your River!  Tag your photos with #MyCTRiver to show your family, friends and the world what you love about YOUR river!
 Rotary Anniversary’s:  KJ & Dianne Sunday - 3 years.  Nick Dubois today has 5 years.
Greeter for June 20th:  Ali Barry
Is it the Truth?  Is it Fair to all concerned?  Will it build goodwill and better friendships?  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Cox