Posted by Jim Maxwell on Jul 13, 2017
Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of meeting July 11, 2017
  1. We have cards for Amelia and for Sandy Ladd, circulating for signature.
  2. Guests Nick Shakespeare, our speaker today; Jeff Dudley and Josh from the Vernon Selectboard; Bill Stevens
  3. No birthdays.  Anniversaries:  Booie Fagelson, 14 years; Jen Moyse, 3 years
  4. Card was the 3 of Hearts, and we’re all losers
  5. Bowl of Life:  Todd Murchison, 30 hours toward pilot license
  6. Announcements
    1. Jen Moyse gets a scholarship, she’s going to nursing school
    2. We have a thank-you from Maria, our Honduras contact for coffee scholarships
    3. Bill presents Damon with certificate for his service as president
    4. Several other thank-you’s from among others Samantha Lynch, the Haiti orphanage, BMH (for Touch A Truck), HCRS (for the golf tournament)
  7. Brags
    1. Evelyn touts the NEYT musical Drowsy Chaperone
    2. Sadie brags Evelyn’s summer camp
    3. Jim brags Mother Courage at the Next Stage in Putney
    4. Erin brags the Vermont Performance Lab presentation this weekend, also developments in the “tiny house” festival and a new feature, “Pebl Bike” (sp?)
    5. Jim V. brags Sadie’s acceptance of an exhausted but intrepid dog that made it back to Brattleboro from Grafton or something like that, and can now stay w/ Sadie’s tenant
    6. Damon, about the passing of the hamster and the life lesson for Torin (sp?); also an excellent time in the Jr Olympics for his other son (I just don’t get all these names in here do I?)
    7. Allie, 2 years since she fell and now finally back to running, those fabulous endorphins
    8. Toni brags Allie as new service chair; also Elana Baron’s engagement
    9. Josh brags the 8-person table a la clown car; also, the members that bring in new members should be mentor
    10. Tristam backpacked the White Mountain “Huts” trail, posh
    11. Lissa, Jerusalem Peacebuilders are here every year, see film at 118 Elliot, July 27, and this year a hopeful co-existence example with group of Israelis and Iraqis joining together, and the great work of the World Affairs Council
  1. Speaker was the very talented and personable Nick Shakespeare, talking about and illustrating w/ examples his very successful storyboard career and a fabulous comic he has laboriously, lovingly, created over the past several years.  Lissa likes the shows he has drawn for.  Jim