Posted by William Shakespeare on Feb 28, 2018
This day in History:         
1983: Final TV episode of MASH airs (CBS) record 125 million viewers.
1991: Gulf war ends after Iraq accepts a ceasefire following their retreat from Kuwait.
1993: Gun battle erupts near Waco, Texas at Branch Davidian compound after FBI raid.
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction – Ronald Reagan.
Rotary Minute: 
Visiting other clubs: As a member of Rotary, you are invited to visit other clubs each time you travel, almost anywhere in the world. Remember to grab a banner from KJ  to take with you and “exchange” with the club you are visiting. 
Greeter:   Will 
Speaker:   There was no speaker for today. March 7, Deb will host Chloe Learey from the Winston Prouty Center who will be talking on Economic Development and Early Childhood.
Guests:  Bahati, a student at SIT and originally from the Congo was a guest of Sadie’s.  Bahati has an eight year old daughter and an new baby son. We hope Bahati will come back and be a regular visitor to our club while he is here in Brattleboro.
Jennifer Mayhew, from BAYADA, joined us today as she will be inducted as our latest member to join.
Junior Rotarian Update:  Our Jr Rotarian and familiar face Josh Hashagan updated us on what is happening at BUHS. They are conducting their 2nd annual blood drive. Last year they got 80 pints of blood and tis year they have over 125 people signed up to give blood so they should beat last years number.  He is also going to a National Leadership Conference at Lake Morey. Seems there will be lots of testing involved so we wish Josh the best on his tests.
New Member Induction: empress Michell conducted an induction ceremony welcoming Jennifer Mayhew to the club. Secretary KJ presented the official Rotary Pin.  Welcome Jen.
A side Note: Our president left her script and told a  brief story of how her husband, recognizing the name of a college student who was applying for an internship at C&S as a young and esteemed Rotarian, let Michelle know that he was very impressed with her interview/presentation on the Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Club and they offered our very Bethany Martin the position. Congratulations to Bethany!
CARDS:  8 of Hearts.  The winner is…………. Turner! (this was his first time winning)
Bowl of Life: This will be a long and circuitous line of guesses starting with Erin > Ross > Will > Jim > Tristam > Caleb > Katry >  KJ > Michael > Toni > Stacie > Sadie > Turner > Sandy > Josh G > Mark > Ali > Josh U > Marci > Kevin > and finally ending with Kevin