Posted by Sandy Shriver on Dec 13, 2018

President Marcy got us started at 7:15 AM.

Greeter:  Kevin Y.  

Next week’s greeter:  Ali – December 19.  

Next scribe for 12/19:  Jim M. (subbing for Valerie). 

No meeting on the 26th of December.  

Breakfast is running late… ovens are not working according to Ed, the Sargent at Arms

Quote of the Day:  There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.  Harry Truman.

Today in history:  First message sent across the Atlantic by radio.   It was morse Code for the letter S. 

1913:  Mona Lisa stolen from the Louve.

2000 GM phases out Oldsmobile. Eli Olds invented it 103 years before.  

Guests:  Lucy.  Chris.  Prospective members.  Davie- student Rotarian- long time guest.  Sign her sheet.  Josh N- student Rotarian.  Jason Pasternak.  Sort of .  Kevin O’Keefe.  



Damon:  Running. Student Rotarian Maggie St. John is a cross country runner. She was one of 60 kids at NH cross country banquet.  Torin 3rd freshman boy to ever be invited.  He won AllState, and All Star.  

Debbie:  Good to be back.  From vacation.  Busy November.  Change of plans.  Her mother forgot Debbie was going to Florida for Thanksgiving and booked a trip to Vermont.  Tony retired.  Did a Nascar event.  Air boat ride. Only saw 5 alligators, and she was OK with that.  Trying to work with a retired partner is hard.  


Sadie: Last chance to see Rags this weekend.  Malcolm Toleno’s last NEYT show.  Shows including tomorrow night:  Thursday. 

Jon:  Did the Jingle Bell jog.  Ross Gibson waved him through an intersection.  Nice community day.  Skating on the Retreat Meadows.  This is a great town. 

Jason:  For Toni.  The best assistant fundraiser ever.  We took in a ton of money today.  Toni does a phenomenal job. 

Nick: $5 brag.  CFP exam passed.    Holiday open house.  Thursday. 12 to 6.  

50 year Rotary Anniversary:  December 17.  Turner has been a Rotarian for 50 years.  


Student Rotarian:  Davie:  Working hard on Project Feed the Thousands fundraising but also looking forward to 11 days offfrom school.  Josh: Took SAT and ACT.  

Raffle Drawing; Josh N. picked second place first.  $50 gift cert for Vt. Country Deli.  Whitney. Jeff Dunkley’s daughter.  

Grand prize:  Melanie Howe.  Lisa’s person.  We called her at work.  Went to voicemail.  Lisa says she buys tickets every year.  Called her cell phone.  Voicemail was full. 

Marcy thought it was all weirdly anticlimactic. 

Cards:  $9.  Ace of Clubs.  A misfire.  5 of diamonds. Moneygoes to President Marcy. 

Announcement: Josh T. was sorry he could not be here.  Ayla is not feeling well. 


Sadie. Next Overnight Shelter meal.  December 30. Sunday night.  Going to raise money to have Justin make the meat meal.  

Turner. This coming Saturday.  December 15.  Starts at 4.  Tree is in.  Cats are ready.  Bring kids and spouses/friends.  We WILL NOT do a Yankee Swap.   Bring a $10 donation for the Club or socks for Danny’s sock drive. 


Josh T (by text).  Deerfield Valley Club is doing a food distribution event, this Saturday.  If anyone can help, contact Josh Traeger or just show up at Saturday at 9-9:30 AM to deliver food to people in need.   Meet at the old High School in Wilmington.  The event is going on from 8 to noon.  

Marcy:  Bring clean socks to the Christmas Party for Danny’s sock drive in Hinsdale.  

Bowl of Life.   Rotarian started cutting trees after school when he was 12 to build our family house.   

Will:  Guessed the Canadian:  Damon.  Damon:  There were no trees in his part of Canada.  Damon guessed Dan D.  Dan Dietz was the tree chopper.  One of the toughest jobs in world-dom.  There were injuries.  Used an old bull dozer.  His brother injured himself in anger.  Knocked himself in the face with a thrown pipe.  



SPEAKER:  Kevin O’Keefe and Erin O’Keefe.  Our trip to India.  Mumbai airport is beautiful.  Got lots of leis.  Different roofing materials everywhere. Food was fantastic.  99 degrees the whole time.  

Did teacher training.  Taught circus yoga teacher training.  Goals:  Inclusion Connection Co-Authorship.  Leads to empathy and compassion.  Did events on streets of Mumbai.  

Lived eating Puny Puttie:  Small fried cup of dough.  Very spicy.  Great picture of Erin’s first taste.  Deep fried.  Street food. Kevin sang the song. Hung out at beach.  We were not the weirdest thing going on in the streets.  It is easy to get a crowd.  Mumbai. 

Malacom.  Indian circus on pole with rope.  Circus is already in India.  But are there no youth circus.  Training teachers to be in residences at Orphanages.  Wants to create social circus.  Using circus as a way to empower/entertain at risk kids.  

People are getting PhD in circus for seeing affect on youth.  

Circus is a group event.  Does not need common language.  Orphanages are full of kids who use different languages.  

Other notes;  Cows are everywhere.  They are sacred.  Cows walked through the classroom.  Walked up the stairs of the temple.  

Went to Our Children camp. Taught in a house that was a replica of Ghandi’s house.  Camp is 50 years old.  


Ran into a Rotary project.  A bus full of books about Ghandi.  Lots of Rotary projects and signs seen.    


Indian kids are not used to seeing themselves in photos.  This is the first trip out of the city for many of these kids.  Every night is a dance party.  The boys and girls camp are separate.  A guy from Lincoln, Vermont, Tom, was there.  He runs Magicians Without Borders.  

Questions:  Debra thanked them for the slide show and asked what the difference between India program and US program.  Circus is so universal.  Vermont is the circus capital of the US.  Much more novel in India.  In India:  People are much more comfortable touching within gender than US kids.  But won’t touch cross gender.