President Jim called the meeting to order
Today in history:
-Jackie Robinson inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame
Rotary Minute:
-There are 5 avenues of service in Rotary:  Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service, Youth Service
Happy Rota-versary to Jen Moyse
Happy Birthday to Josh Unruh
Club Announcements:
Lisa - has a few leftovers items from the Changeover party, please talk to her if you are missing them
Jim - Board Meeting Thurs 7/11
Tristam - our date for the Guilford Welcome Center is July 21
Debra - calling forth early morning garden crew for tomorrow 7/4
Guests: Rich Hoppe, Jim and Patti Rumrill, Peter Carvell, Ayla, and Luci
Special Presentation:  The club chipped in to get Luci a going away present, and Ali presented it today.  A few club members also shared memories of Luci’s time here:
-Kevin toasted Luci “There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the seas, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!”
-Peter recalled her fondness for chicken wings, basketball, and the Patriots
-Christine mentioned her lack of love for morning and attempts at early morning socializing
-Cindy recalls Luci’s Halloween experience
-Jim R for her sense of humor
-Jim V for her speech at district assembly
Jim M - apologies for missing changeover
Turner - thanks Marcy for taking meeting notes (little did he know it would take me 2 weeks to actually type them and get them out)
Tristam - also missed changeover because he was on a bike trip from Pittsburgh to DC with his wife
Dan - for Lisa Fitzgerald, the hostess with the most-est, and her goofy selfies
Cindy - Also for Lisa, and for convincing Josh U to be this year’s Vice President
Mona - for Jim R and new insight provided by the student exchange program; also for Luci for making this first exchange experience amazing
Bethany - Bargain Alert!  Dress Barn is closing, sales commencing.  Also for finishing the 1st quarter of her junior year of college, and starting second quarter
Jim R- thanks to the club for hosting Luci, and to Mona for her dedication
Josh T - finally able to put the money raised for the disc golf course into new tees.  There will be more calls for assistance as we continue this project
Cards -9 of clubs, Peter Carvell wins it
Speaker; Lisa Whitney of Winston Prouty:
Winston Prouty is celebrating their 50th birthday, and they are having a birthday party on Aug 3 with music, beer, bbq, and activities
Thanks to individuals who have supported Winston Prouty, and the the Rotary for their sponsorship of the Early Learning Express
The staff of Winston Prouty consists of 50 teachers and community service providers.  WP provides services for other childcare providers as well.  Executive Director is Chloe Leary.
3 years ago this week, WP moved to the old Austine School campus.  It was purchase in Jan 2016, they moved in in July, and it has been a challenge but well worth it.  There are 184 acres of land and a lot of history on the property.  WP hosts the Austine Musem celebrating Austine’s 100 years of operation in the area. There is also an extensive trail system, including a disc golf course.
There are 160 people on campus, with 30 different tenants, including VT Association for the blind, BEEC, Groundworks, and many other organizations. WP has focused on building a community feel.
WP is also seeking community input on moving forward.  The property is expensive to maintain, but is a valuable asset to the community.  They are working on “Expedited Strategic Planning”, and are seeking ideas.  There is some land that may be open for development, but there is land that will be set aside for nature presentation. They may be seeking buyers for some of the outlying buildings.  They will be holding community meetings to discuss this. Contact them if you are interested.